Creative Fathers Day Gift Ideas

7th Aug 2013

Looking for some creative inspiration for Father’s Day? We have found some inspiring, thoughtful and interactive ideas that can also involve your children or grandchildren in creating a wonderful and truly memorable gift for Dad or your Grandfather.

Our first idea is taking a photo of your child or children holding a series of signs that when displayed togther, convey a message. To create a gift for your Dad or Grandad like the example above from northwest lovelies, have your child or children sit on a chair (if the chair is patterned, consider placing a solid colour throw, blanket or towel over it) and then have your child or children hold up a sign, and each photo conveys a different word, so when displayed together communicates a message. Some other messages to consider could also be “Love U Dad” or “Happy Father’s Day”

If you like this idea and want to buy this photo frame online, you can click here and select the size you like. We suggest a three opening photo frame such as our Deluxe White 10x20inch/5x7(3) timber photo frame (code 80463) where the photos can be displayed either portrait or landscape. We also think the black and white photographs add to the timelessness and appeal. Even if you take the photos in colour, you can ask your photo developer to print them in black and white.

Another great gift idea for Dad or Grandpa for Father’s Day is to create a unique and memorable message and put it in a photo frame. In the example below, use your child’s feet as the foundation of a heart, and then trace the heart shape using gold, silver or other glitter colours. It’s best to buy an A3 or A4 piece of cardboard at your local store or newsagency. Once your artwork has dried, (and your kids feet are also clean!) put the artwork into a picture frame for presentation to Dad on Father’s Day. You can purchase A3 and A4 photo frames online by clicking here.

A personalised father’s day gift idea like the one below, is something that Dad will love to receive from his children or grandchildren. This idea comes from Personalized Prints, and can also be easily recreated by starting with a blank sheet, and painting a tree trunk and branches. Using non-toxic paints, get your kids to place their hand and finger prints over the tree trunk and branches. Complete the look by purchasing a photo frame and presenting to Dad on Father’s Day.

Lastly, consider printing, painting or writing a warm, evocative message to your father or grandparent like the photo below, and presenting them this wonderful gift in a photo frame for them to display in their home or office.

If you are looking for more creative inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and once you are feeling inspired, remember to come back to Profile to purchase your quality photo frames online from us! We offer a lifetime guarantee on all products we sell.