Our expert guide to help you choose the perfect frame for your pictures and artwork

Our Expert Guide to Help You Choose the Perfect Frame for your Pictures and Artwork


As Australia's largest and most trusted picture frame manufacturer, Profile Australia offers an extensive range picture frames - both a large variety of colours and mouldings - for you to find the picture frame that will enhance your art and complement your interior space. However, sometimes, choosing the perfect picture frame can be overwhelming.

We've put together a guide below to help you find the perfect picture frame for your photos and artwork.

1. Colours

Look at the overall tone of the picture and try find a picture frame that matches it. Usually, light frames accentuate the brighter tones of the picture and go well with casual and minimal pictures whilst dark frames accentuate the darker tones of the picture, therefore, go well with formal and more elegant pictures.

Chestnut Photo Frame


2. Style

The first thing to consider is the purpose of the picture frame. As a general rule, if you are framing a minimalist photo you can pick a sophisticated picture frame while if you are framing a oil / acrylic painting you can pick a simple frame. It all depends on where you might want the focal point to be.

Silver Photo Frame

3. Matted or Unmatted

Matboards can add a visual space between the art and the frame as well as provide an extra layer of protection to your piece. Generally, matboards will elevate the look of the frame providing a formal and tidy look which usually works well with smaller frames.

Black Fathers Day Frame

Large picture frames and poster frames may not need a mat.

Poster Frame

4. Quality

Make sure all the materials you use when framing a photo or painting are well made, sturdy and acid-free matboards to avoid degradation or discolouring to your photo or image over time.

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