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Made in the UK | Vegan Friendly | Cruelty Free

Add a touch of pink into your life! The English Soap Company have teamed up with the original icon Barbie™ to create a collection of luxury soaps.
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Barbie has been inspiring girls to be anything since 1959. From popstar to president, astronaut to zoologist, there isn’t a glass ceiling Barbie hasn’t broken. Today, with over 250 careers and counting, she continues to inspire the limitless potential in every girl.

Much like Barbie, the inspiration behind this collection of hand soaps is to evoke a sense of positivity and kindness. Whether these soaps bring back cherished memories from your childhood or serve as an ideal gift for a special young person in your life, their purpose is to promote confidence and help you feel your absolute best. Explore our Barbie™ Soap Collection today!

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The English Soap Company FAQs

Soap is a surfactant. This means that when it is used on the hands and body, the soap molecules will bind the water and oil molecules together. After cleansing with soap, rinsing away the lather with water also takes the dirt, oil and germs with it. For further information on the workings of soap, you can read our helpful article here.

All of our soaps are made on a farm site which is located in the English countryside of Sussex, in the UK.

Yes, we strongly believe in ethical practices and none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, making them cruelty-free.

Absolutely! Our soaps are made using only plant-based ingredients, making them completely vegan-friendly.

Yes, our packaging is fully recyclable, so you can contribute to environmental sustainability by recycling it properly.

No, we are committed to reducing waste and our soap bars come in fully recyclable packaging that is either paper wrapped or cardboard.

No, we avoid any harsh chemicals such as SLS’s and parabens to ensure a gentle and nourishing experience for your skin.

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