Henzo Photo Adhesives


      Henzo has developed an extensive range of photo mounting adhesives to meet the demands of photo mounting and scrapbook users. All of the adhesives are acrylic based adhesives, which are superior to rubber based adhesives (seen in glue sticks, tapes etc) when it comes to ageing and bleeding of your photos or pages.

      The main features of Henzo photo adhesives are:

      • acid-free: this avoids weakening of the paper or the top coating of your photo
      • acrylic based: avoids any bleeding through your paper or your treasured photographs
      • archival safe: prevent any adverse reactions with normal craft materials
      • lignin-free: the adhesives will not cause any yellowing of your paper of your photos
      • have the best adhesive properties
      • are really easy to use!

      Ensure you protect your precious treasured memories and your photo album by using a genuine Henzo photo adhesive.

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