Photo Frame Wall Collage Displays

Grouping a collection of artworks and photographs together is a great way to turn a home into a personal art gallery. Called a salon-style hang or a gallery wall, assembling multiple artworks and photography as one first came into vogue in 18th and 19th century Paris, when artists would hang their works together on a single wall for the public to see.

Born from practicality, the gallery wall evolved into a stylish way to display art at home, and experts say it has plenty of contemporary appeal. They’re adaptable, work for a range of spaces and interiors, and can be an affordable way to make an artistic statement without spending too much money! 

The best wall to hang your collection on will depend on the size of the works. Smaller prints can work nicely in a minimal space, like a hallway. Bigger pieces should go on larger walls. Once you’ve chosen your wall, the best way to start is by hanging your key piece in the middle and working outward from there, creating an anchor that smaller pieces can work off.