Acrylic & Novelty Frames

Our Acrylic Photo Frames from Profile are made using the highest quality materials and feature crystal clear acrylic to allow your treasured photos, documents, artwork, awards or memories to be showcased in style and with finesse.

Beautifully presented in a colourful Profile Australia gift box, these popular acrylic picture frames make wonderful gifts for celebrations, housewarming, awards and have many other practical applications such as retail merchandising displays, visual merchandising, brand blocking or branding displays and more

Acrylic and novelty frames have a unique style

When you want photo frames that have a unique, quirky style, take a look at our range of acrylic and novelty frames. Acrylic frames are versatile and can be made in a wide range of shapes, allowing lots of creative designs. Look out for acrylic picture frames in styles such as:

  • Snow domes — The ideal gift for Christmas, a snow dome is perfect for showing off family and pet photos.
  • Photo cubes — Can’t choose the perfect photo? A photo cube lets you show off several in one frame and makes a fun display item on your shelf.
  • Magnetic frames — Don’t just put photos on your shelves and walls. Magnetic acrylic and novelty frames can turn your fridge, or any magnetic surface, into a photo gallery.
  • Freestanding — Many types of acrylic photo frames are freestanding, so they can be placed on any flat surface, allowing you to make creative displays of your photos.

From displaying certificates to showcasing your favourite family vacation photos, acrylic and novelty frames are a perfect choice.

Choose an acrylic photo frame for a contemporary look

At Profile Products, we have a wide range of photo frames, including metal and wooden styles, so you can find frames that match your interior décor.

Acrylic picture frames are ideal if you’re looking to create a contemporary style. Because they’re frameless, they offer sleekness, sophistication and minimalism. They also suit all sorts of home colour schemes, so if you’re someone who likes to switch your décor every season, they’ll match no matter how you decorate.

Acrylic picture frames are also versatile enough to be used in a number of ways. You can choose to mount them on the wall, either using hooks or adhesive strips or stand them on a shelf. They also look great when grouped together, as their simple style means they coordinate beautifully. Make a display with one large photo in the middle and some smaller pictures surrounding it, or let your imagination run free. 

Acrylic and novelty frames protect your most cherished photos

Acrylic is a strong and hard-wearing material, meaning it’s tough to bend or break an acrylic photo frame. Therefore, when you place your photos in these frames, you know they’re safe and protected from damage. All frames from Profile Products come with a picture-perfect guarantee, which ensures your sacred snaps are protected for future generations.

Browse the range of acrylic and novelty frames at Profile Products and buy online today. We have frames in all sorts of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create beautiful photography displays in your home. You can make an appointment to view our range at our showroom in Hornsby, NSW, or buy online and enjoy delivery across Australia and the rest of the world.