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Self Adhesive Photo Albums

Our range of self adhesive photo albums (also referred to as magnetic page, self mount or peel-back photo albums) feature a crystal clear film which easily peels off the page to allow for easy, flexible mounting of your photos, images, tickets and other momentoes. Simply return the clear film back onto the page and your photos are now ready for viewing. They are also secured in place and protected from dust, scratches and fingerprints

The main benefits of these albums are that your album is refillable so you can insert more pages if required; there is no need for photo adhesives such as photo corners or photo splits (tabs) as the adhesive on the page keeps your photo in place; they allow you the flexibility to arrange your photos in any format; it allows multiple size photos onto the same page; allows horizontal and vertical photos on the same page; photo's can be re-arranged or exchanged very easily and it will ensure your treasured memories are protected forever