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Timber Photo Frames

At Profile, our valued customers keep telling us we are the premier supplier of Australian made photo frames and picture frames to the Australian and international market. Our extensive range is available for viewing online to learn more about our products and ranges, or alternatively can be purchased online and shipped to your designated address.

All our timber photo frames are carefully handcrafted and proudly Made in Australia using the finest materials, highest quality machinery and an attention to detail second-to-none. That is what makes a Profile frame unique.

We also proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products as we are so confident of our quality, so you can rest assured that your Profile item will stand the test of time.

At Profile Products, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with perfect wooden picture frames that will last a lifetime. Our range has every décor considered from vintage country to sleek modern so you can be assured there is a timber photo frame perfectly suited to your needs within our range.

What makes us so special?

Profile Products timber photo frames are handcrafted and made in Australia. We carefully select the best materials and our skilled craftsmen use premium machinery to work their magic and produce the premium quality across all of our products. This quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes our photo frames amongst the very best to be found anywhere. When you purchase a timber photo frame from Profile Products you can be confident you will receive a stylish, well-made product to display your treasured photos, mementoes or pictures beautifully.

Our exquisite range of timber photo frames

No matter what you are framing we have your needs covered. Whether you have a family photograph, dried flowers or a vintage article you wish to display, we understand it’s not only about framing photographs. Explore our range to find shadow box frames, typography frames, gallery frames and even poster frames. From a small easel mounted frame which will look amazing on a shelf or desk, to a large wall mounted slimline frame — the choices are endless. We invite you to browse our full collection to find the best timber photo frame to elegantly suit your memento and match your décor. Each frame is finished in either a matte, veneer, teak, mahogany or baltic wash for added durability and elegant colour. The wooden picture frames you ultimately decide on are sure to impress visitors and become a welcome addition to your home or office space.

Shop wooden picture frames from Profile Products today

We are so confident of the quality of our frames that we offer a lifetime guarantee. This offers you assurance in the knowledge that whichever frame you choose; you will be receiving a quality product. Feel free to contact us, we are always available to assist should you have any questions or concerns. Browse our selection of wooden picture frames today to find the perfect piece to complement your home.