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Introducing our Profile Self-Adhesive Photo Albums - the perfect solution to preserve your cherished memories with ease and peace of mind. With their acid-free construction, these magnetic photo albums will ensure that your precious photographs will stay in pristine condition for a lifetime.
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What are Self-Adhesive Photo Albums?

Self-Adhesive Photo Albums are a flexible way of storing photos, images, tickets and other mementoes in one place. The self-mount pages have a slightly sticky surface protected by an acid-free, crystal-clear film that easily peels off the page to allow for flexible mounting of your photos in any arrangement.

After attaching your photos, simply return the clear film back onto the page and your photos are now ready for viewing. The clear film also provides protection from dust, scratches and fingerprints.

Self-Adhesive Photo Albums can also be referred to as magnetic page or easy mount albums.

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What Size Photos Can You Use in a Self-Adhesive Photo Album?

Self-Adhesive Photo Albums allow multiple size photos or horizontal and vertical photos on the same page. These type of photo albums allow you to position your photos onto each page in any way that suits you. A variety of photos sizes (such as 4x6inch, 5x7inch, 6x8inch, 8x10inch, 8x12inch, polaroid photos and more) can be displayed in a flexible way as desired.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Self-Adhesive Photo Album?

The main benefit of these albums is there is no need for photo adhesives such as photo corners or photo splits (tabs) as the adhesive on the page keeps your photo in place. Photos can also be re-arranged or exchanged very easily.

Self-adhesive albums are also refillable so you can insert more pages if required. There is no need for photo adhesives such as photo corners or photo splits (tabs) as the adhesive on the page keeps your photo in place.

These albums allow you the flexibility to arrange your photos in any format. You can arrange multiple size photos onto the same page, in either horizontal or vertical format. Photos can also be re-arranged or exchanged very easily, and it will ensure your treasured memories are protected forever.

Why Choose a Profile Self-Adhesive Photo Album?

The most important things in life, are sometimes our memories. And it is so important to most of us to preserve these for a lifetime or more. For this reason, all Profile Photo Albums are manufactured to the highest standard, with quality materials which are acid-free and photo safe. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our photo albums, so you can rest assured your memories are both well-presented and protected for years to come.

Profile Australia also offers a wide range of other types of photo albums, such as Slip-in Photo Albums and Drymount Photo Albums.

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