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      Introducing our stunning Panoramic Photo Frames, proudly Australian made from 100% solid timber. These photo frames effortlessly transform a simple photograph into a breathtaking piece of art. Crafted with precision and care in our Sydney workshop, every frame is designed to enhance the visual impact of panoramic shots, capturing every intricate detail with absolute clarity.
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      Made from eco-sustainable materials, these frames not only showcase your treasured memories but also contribute to a greener environment. The solid timber construction ensures durability and longevity, protecting your cherished photos for years to come.

      With our Panoramic Photo Frames, you can proudly display your favorite travel destinations, iconic landscapes, or unforgettable family moments in a way that truly mesmerizes everyone who lays eyes on them. Give life to your panoramas and let them become conversation starters in any room.

      What Makes a Profile Panoramic Photo Frame Unique?

      • Australian Made: Profile are Australia’s largest manufacturer of photo frames, which are all made in our workshop in Sydney. We've been making panoramic frames for over 45 years.
      • Eco Sustainable Solid Timber: All of our solid timber panoramic photo frames are carefully handcrafted using the finest eco-sustainable materials and with an eye for detail, design and beauty.
      • Lifetime Guarantee: We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our panoramic frames as we are so confident of our quality, so you can rest assured that your Profile panoramic timber picture frame will stand the test of time.

      Where Can I Buy an Panoramic Picture Frame?

      If you are looking for the best range of timber panoramic picture frames online, then you can't look past a professional photo frame from Profile Australia. Our panoramic photo frames are all made with craftsmanship and care, so when you shop online with us, you know you will be buying a quality product.

      Our professionally framed panoramic photo frames are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Every frame also includes a professional white mat board to help enhance the overall balance and aesthetic of the photo. Not only does a matboard provide visual appeal, an acid-free mat board will also protect the photograph from damage by preventing it from coming into contact with the glazing.

      Where Are Your Panoramic Frames Made?

      Our beautiful range of panoramic picture frames are proudly hand-made in Australia. Our framing workshop is located in Sydney, and Profile is one of the only Australian picture frame manufacturers which has trade qualified Master Certified Picture Framers® on staff. Our skilled picture framers use the latest technology in premium machinery to maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship with attention to detail.

      Being founded over forty five years ago, our company has stood the test of time, and with our lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured our products will be around even longer.

      What Materials Are Your Panorama Frames Made From?

      We build all of our panoramic frames to last a lifetime, so we only use the highest quality materials. We don't make cheap plastic frames or frames made from compressed cardboard with thin vinyl wrapping.

      We also care about our environment so all of our oak frames are made using carefully selected eco-sustainable materials. We only use renewable solid timbers which are sourced from environmentally-managed plantations.

      Most of the materials used to make our panoramic format frames are also recyclable, such as the glass and backing. Even our cardboard packaging is recyclable as well.

      Each Panoramic Picture Frame is supplied with 2mm glazing, solid MDF backing and an acid-free matboard in a neutral white tone to enhance your panoramic photo with harmony and balance.

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