How to Use Acrylic Photo Display Frames
Acrylic photo display frames ideal if you want to create a modern, contemporary look. Because they’re frameless, acrylic block frames offer sleekness, sophistication and minimalism. They also suit all sorts of home colour schemes, so if you’re someone who likes to...
Choosing the Perfect Panoramic Picture Frame
When it comes to choosing a panoramic picture frame for a panorama photo, there's a few things to consider to help you make the perfect choice. Here are some helpful insights and guidelines.
8 Expert Tips for Decorating with Black Picture Frames
When it comes to decorating your home and office, any photos and artwork in black frames will always bring interest and joy to any environment. Here’s 8 different ways that you can use black frames with classic style and sophistication.
Helpful Photo Frame Size Conversion Chart

Are you looking for standard frames sizes in cm? Or standard frame sizes in inches? To help you with finding the right photo frame for your photos, we're created a helpful reference chart to convert popular standard frame sizes from inches into centimeters, including a helpful reference frame size diagram.

Helpful Tips for Framing Your Certificate or Award
A graduation is a milestone in life! Celebrate your achievement by framing your certificate, degree or diploma with pride. Here are three helpful tips for framing your accomplishment and choosing the right certificate frame. 
How to Attach a Photo or Print to a Mat Board
Looking for assistance on how to attach your photos to a mat board for a photo frame? We have created a step-by-step guide and video for you. You can either refer to the handy video link below, or continue below to read through our visual step-by-step guide.
What is a Mat Board?
Looking for information about mat boards for picture frames? Here is our brief guide to help. explain and what a mat board is for and how it can be used in a photo frame. 
The Best, Unique & Memorable Real Estate Closing Gift
Real estate closing gifts are a great way to express gratitude to and appreciation for your sellers and buyers. Here is a great way to celebrate the sale and build a meaningful relationship with your client.
Meaningful and Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas
If you are looking for a meaningful Mother's Day gift that will last a lifetime and searching for some inspiration, we have some great ideas for you.
Choosing the Right Picture Frame - How to Frame Your Photos and Art Prints
Every picture tells a story. But there’s more to framing a picture than meets that eye... When it comes to choosing a frame, choosing different frame sizes, then here are some useful tips to get the style and design of your frame just right!
4 Great Ways to Use a Shadow Box Photo Frame
Looking for creative and inspiring ways to use shadow box frames? Here is a collection of great ideas to display your memories and collections using shadow box picture frames!
The Perfect Frame to Display your Favourite Scrapbook Pages
Be the storyteller of your best memoriesScrapbooking is a crafting and documenting activity that has been popular for many years. It consist on adding photos, memorabilia or embellishments into a blank page. The purpose is to preserve especial moments and beautiful memories shared with your loved ones. Scrapbooking is a really interesting activity that can have [...]
Different Ways to Mount a Photo Album
The best way to mount a photo album is by using Profile Photo Mounting Adhesives. Our range of photo album mounting accessories you provide a no mess, touch-free application that won't leave any residue or staining behind.
Meaningful and Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day is the time to show your love with the ideal gift. Here are some great ideas!
How Art Influences the Room and People
Art is a form of energy and when place in a room it transforms the space. Art can bring all elements of a space together or separate them apart, it can make a space look larger or busier, it can make a space feel warmer or cooler, it can bring harmony or melancholia. Art is [...]
About The English Soap Company
Learn more about The English Soap Company and their range of luxury body, bath and home products.
Understanding Different Types of Photo Albums
Our helpful guide on how to choose and buy photo albums online. It is important to choose a photo album that is right for you, so we have put together this information to help you identify and understand the different types of photo albums.
How to Insert Your Photo Into an Unmatted Photo Frame - Our Step-by-Step Guide
Are you looking for assistance on how to insert your photos into a photo frame? We have created a convenient step-by-step guide and video to help.
What Makes Wooden Photo Frames so Popular, Unique and Easy to Style?
Eco-sustainable wooden photo frames and picture frames are becoming increasingly popular, especially since the pandemic forced many of us to spend more of our time in our homes. As styling trends have emerged, connecting nature to your home and living spaces.
Greenery Decor Tips and Ideas for 2022
Green is a refreshing and sophisticated colour that has become really popular during the past few years due to its association with nature. Incorporating hues of green into your home brings a soothing, calm and relax atmosphere. Below you find find some tips on how to decorate your home with some greenery. 1. Use plants - [...]
4 Ways to Decorate with Earth Tones and Bring Nature into your Home
When it comes to interior style, earth tones are popular because they help us connect to nature. Here's 4 great ways to engage with this style and design trend.