Hand Washes - Le Maioliche Collection - Rudy Profumi

Experience Italian luxury with our Le Maioliche Collection of hand washes from Rudy Profumi.

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Indulge in Luxury Italian Hand Washes

Infused with natural Italian aromas, your hands will feel refreshed and softly fragranced with these liquid soaps.

You can enjoy soft and healthy skin with our gentle yet effective liquid hand soap formula that cleanses away dirt, oils, and impurities while safeguarding the skin's natural pH balance.

These luxurious Italian hand washes come in bottles with stunning majolica designs that will enhance your home decor. The generous 500ml capacity also ensures that each hand wash lasts long making them ideal for daily use by the entire family.

Experience an Aromatic Tour of Famous Italian Locations

Rudy Profumi's Le Maioliche range of body care items takes us on a journey to Italy's most famous sites, discovering unique and one-of-a-kind fragrances.

Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Majolica Designs

These beautiful hand washes are adorned with exclusive hand-painted majolica designs on high-quality, recyclable bottles and packaging, enhancing the allure of personal care and luxury European design.