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Floral Fragrances - Luxury Soap & Skincare Collection

What is a Floral Fragrance?

A floral fragrance embodies the delicate and aromatic scent of diverse flowers. From a walk through a forest meadow in green grass and fresh smells of blooming flowers during a sunny spring day, to a wave of fresh air that carries the smell of beautiful, blossomed flowers during a hot summer day, to a fresh floral scent infused with sweet tropical fruits.

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The Hidden Layers Behind Floral Scents

Some of the most typical floral scents includes top notes of rose, jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley and other enchanted blooms mixed with base notes of honey, fruits, sandalwood or musks to add richness and complexity.

The Appeal of Floral Fragrances

A floral scent usually evokes feelings of beauty, femininity and innocence. A perfect fragrance for those who want to embrace their sophisticated and sensual feminine energy. It's a light and versatile fragrance that can be used in multiple occasions and different times. Easy to complement your skin care routine and lifestyle.

Discover Australia's Favourite Floral Skincare Products

Shop by fragrance and explore our delightful floral collection of luxury soap and skin care products from our premium range of products from The English Soap Company and Rudy Profumi, from Italy.

Whether it's a sumptuous body lotion sourced from Italy to nourish and hydrate your skin, an opulent hand cream enriched with shea butter for ultimate pampering, or an alluring floral bar soap crafted in England for a sensory delight, our range of floral skincare items ensures you'll find the perfect treat for yourself or someone special.