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Introducing our stylish Citi Leather brag book range of pocket photo albums. Now you can store your most precious photos in style with our colourful, pocket-sized Citi Leather range of brag books. These compact, mini photo albums feature a soft, bonded leather cover and a matching elastic strap to keep the album closed and neatly tucked away when not in use.
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Being portable, these small, pocket-sized photo albums are perfect for anyone who wants to store their photos or prints in an elegant, compact way. With a wide choice of vibrant colours and sleek design, these can fit in your handbag, in your desk drawer or on a coffee table to help you keep your previous photos effortlessly and in style!

The high-quality materials used to make our Citi Leather photo wallets will ensure that your photos remain protected from dust, dirt, and scratches - so they can stay looking their best for years to come.

What is a Brag Book?

A brag book (also known as a photo wallet) is a small, compact photo album that is portable and easy to keep your favourite photos with you, wherever you go. These albums can be used to create mini collections of special memories, such as your happy moments with your children and family, your newborn baby, your wedding memories and even your grandkids. You can even collate your memories into different collections and create multiple brag books, to keep with you or share.

The Benefits of Brag Book Photo Wallets

Brag book photo albums are a great way to showcase your memories. They are small, portable albums that can fit in your bag or purse, making it easy to show off your photos wherever you go. These mini pocket 4x6 inch photo albums are perfect for parents who want to share pictures of their children with friends and family members. You can easily flip through the pages to show off your photos to others without having to scroll through social media feeds or search for them on your phone.

One of the biggest benefits of brag book photo albums is that they allow you to organise your photos in a meaningful way. You can create different sections for different events or milestones in your life, such as weddings, holidays, or graduations. This makes it easy to find specific photos when you want to show them off. Because they have slip-in pockets, it is easy to swap and change out any photos whenever you wish as well.

Another advantage of using photo wallets is that they help preserve your memories for years to come. Unlike digital files that can be forgotten or lost, printed photos will always exist as long as the album is properly stored and cared for. Plus, looking through a physical album like a brag book can bring back more vivid memories than scrolling through images on a phone screen.

Additionally, brag books can be customised to fit your personality and style. Our Citi Leather collection of bonded leather brag books come in range of colourful designs and size options, so there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the perfect brag book.

Brag Books Mini Pocket Photo Albums Make the Perfect Gift

Brag books can make the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it be a graduation, a wedding, or a birthday for a loved one. For example, gifting Grandma with a brag book filled with photos of her grandkids can make a touching gift that will be treasured forever. If you're looking for a thoughtful and practical gift that will bring joy and memories for years to come, consider giving a personalised brag book photo album.

Ideas for Using and Creating a Brag Book

Creating a brag book photo album is both easy and fun. All you need are some memorable photos and a brag book album to store them in. The first step is to decide on a theme and then choose your photos that fit this narrative. If you're looking for ideas and themes on how to create a brag book album that truly stands out, here are a few examples:

Family Brag Book

A family brag book is a mini photo wallet of your favourite photo memories of those moments you all enjoy together. Where's it's a day at the park, a birthday party, a graduation or a wedding, preserve and celebrate your family's past memories while cherishing its present moments.

Holiday Travel Brag Book

One great use for a brag book is to document your holiday travels. Whether you're visiting family across the country or jetting off to an exotic overseas destination, these albums provide an easy way to keep track of all the highlights of your trip. You can include photos of famous landmarks, local cuisine, new friends you've made along the way - anything that captures the essence of your experience. Instead of letting random photos pile up on your phone or camera roll, choose which ones to print and organize them in chronological order within the album pages. This makes it easy to re-live your adventure whenever you want without having to sift through hundreds of unrelated images.

Baby Brag Book

Baby brag books are a great way for parents to showcase their child's milestones and achievements. These mini photo albums serve as a keepsake of memories that can be cherished for years to come. A baby photo wallet is an easy and ideal way to display and share your little one's most adorable moments, from their first smile to the steps they take towards independence. Plus, the portable size of a baby brag book is perfect for carrying in your purse or keeping on your desk at work. As your child grows up, you’ll treasure flipping through the pages of this special album filled with memories of love and happiness. It will also become a tangible reminder of how far they’ve come and how much they mean to you - something money cannot buy!

Wedding Brag Book

Wedding brag books are a popular choice for newlyweds who want to share their wedding photos with friends and family. The size of the mini album is small enough to carry it around in your purse or pocket, making it easy to show off your best wedding and engagement photos. Be sure to include both candid snapshots and more formal portraits. You can flip through the pages and relive your special day whenever you feel like it. It also makes for an excellent keepsake that you can pass down through generations so that everyone knows the story behind those beautiful pictures.

Pet Brag Book

When it comes to pet brag books, the possibilities are endless. You can include pictures of your furry friends doing their favorite things like playing fetch or lounging on the couch. You could also showcase their adorable personalities and quirks through candid shots and silly poses. Whether you keep it on your coffee table at home or bring it along with you on-the-go, these mini photo albums offer a fun and creative way to celebrate the joy that our pets bring into our lives every day.

Why You Need a Brag Book Photo Wallet

A Citi Leather brag book is a compact and essential photo album for anyone who wants to keep their family memories convenient and close. They not only preserve your precious moments but also allows you to share them with others and pass them down as an heirloom for future generations.

Why Choose a Profile Citi Leather Brag Book?

The most important things in life, are sometimes our memories. And it is so important to most of us to preserve these. For this reason, Profile Citi Leather Brag Books are manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials which are acid-free and photo safe. They come with a lifetime guarantee so you can rest assured that your memories are protected for years to come.

Whether you are putting together a new baby photo album, a wedding drymount photo album, or tasking yourself with a creative project, our pocket-sized brag book albums are perfect for creating a mini collection of treasured moments.

Profile Australia also offers a wide range of other types of photo albums, such as Slip-in Photo Albums and Dry Mount Albums.

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