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Herbal Fragrances - Luxury Soap & Skincare Collection

What is an Herbal Fragrance?

Herbal fragrances are known as the most therapeutic due to the qualities of botanical herbs. An herbal fragrance captures the earthy and aromatic scent of fresh herbs and plants found in a garden, park or serene natural setting.

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The Hidden Layers Behind Herbal Aromas

Depending on the herbs used, these fragrances can serve different purposes: while some herbs like lavender are calming and meditative, others like eucalyptus stimulates the senses. Usually, the herbs fragrances are complemented with a grounding and deeper note such as cedarwood to maintain a sense of earthy and natural authenticity.

The Appeal of Herbal Scents

Herbal fragrances have a large impact on your mood and overall well-being. They are perfect for those who appreciate the therapeutic aspects of botanicals and who want to benefit from the properties that each plant has to offer. Choose a fragrance that contains an herb that can contribute and enhance your holistic well-being.

Discover Australia's Favourite Herbal Skincare Products

Shop by fragrance and explore our calming collection of luxury soap and skin care products from our premium range of products from The English Soap Company and Rudy Profumi, from Italy.

From exquisite moisturising body lotions sourced from Italy to premium hand creams infused with shea butter and scented luxury bar soaps imported from England, our selection of herbal smelling skincare products is bound to offer the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.