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Rudy Profumi - Italian Home & Skin Care

First beginning in a small boutique in Via San Paolo in Milan in 1920, Rudy Profumi have offered the best of Italian perfume tradition and style for over 100 years. With a heritage for blending aesthetics and essence in a search for quality ingredients capable of both delighting the eye and providing that feeling of luxury and well-being.

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Over 100 years of Italian Tradition

Rudy skincare products embodies the art of combining appearance and essence. A vocation that has been handed down in Rudy for generations starting with the genius of Spiridione Calabrese, who was the first person to find the formula to melt and solidify lipsticks into sticks.

Inspiration of Le Maioliche and Majolica

The Italian term of "Le Maioliche" translates to "Majolica" in English. Majolica is an artistic style of pottery from Spain and Italy, dating back to the 15th century. This distinctive type of artistic homeware featured an opaque white glazed surface decorated with colourful brush-painting designs and was traditionally made using tin-glaze process.

Majolica style pottery from italy

These designs were created an a very meticulous manner, making them objects of great value and used to decorate the most beautiful homes as well as
being used in some regions of southern Italy.


Majolica tiles are enameled ceramics used to make artistic products. The origins of Majolica tiles go back hundreds of years thanks to the influence of Muslim potters in Faenza, the Italian city that was the largest production center for majolica.

The Rudy Le Maioliche Collection

The beautiful Le Maioliche collection of home and body care products from Rudy Profumi carries us through a tour of Italy's most iconic cities, discovering intense and unique aromas.

Featuring exclusive hand painted designs on premium recyclable bottles and packaging, these beautiful products complement the appeal of both luxury European design and personal care.

Taormina Liquid Soap and Hand Cream

From beautiful Body Creams to Shower Gels, to Hand Creams and aromatic Room Fragrances. we invite you to explore our unique collection of home and body care products today and bring the essence of Italian living and luxury into your home.

Rudy Profumi Body Care Products

The Story Behind

Rudy Profumi Skin Care

First founded in Milan, Italy in 1920, Rudy Profumi has established a long family legacy for combining quality fragrance and beauty into unique home and body products, that exhibit the best of Italian luxury and design.

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Body Lotion Moisturizing Cream

Le Maioliche Collection

Body Lotions

Our exclusive range of luxury Italian moisturising creams with fragrances and packaging inspired by iconic Italian locations.

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Essential Oil Diffusers

Le Maioliche Collection

Oil Diffusers

An elegant collection of Italian essential oil diffusers with enchanting aromas inspired by famous Italian locations.

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Learn more about Rudi Profumi

The Story Behind Rudy Profumi Skincare

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Packaging Design & Sustainability

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