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Whether you are putting together a baby photo album, sorting your favourite family moments or creating a collection of wedding memories, Profile offers Australia's best range of photo albums online. We offer the biggest collection of different styles of photo albums which are perfect to hold all of your precious memories.

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Our photo albums are designed to not only protect your photos but also showcase them beautifully. Choose from a range of sizes, colours, and materials to find the perfect album that suits your style and preferences. From our classic bonded leather Regal photo albums with traditional styles, to modern linen covered albums with contemporary finishes, we have something for everyone.

Relive every special moment with a photo album

With each page bringing back vivid memories from a particular snapshot in time, photo albums are truly magical. Whether it’s the holiday of your dreams, a special family event, a meaningful ceremony or even just photos of your family cat, every image can bring you so much happiness.

Though it’s less common to print photos now that we rely so heavily on our phones, taking the time to review, select and print meaningful photographs is well worth it. Nothing compares to the feeling of holding a traditional photo album in your hands and reliving some of the best experiences of your life.

Understanding different types of photo albums

When it comes to preserving your cherished memories, photo albums are a timeless choice. However, there are various types of photo albums available, each with its unique features and advantages. Understanding the different options can help you choose the right one that best suits your needs.

Slip-in photo albums

One popular type is the slip-in album, also known as a photo pocket album. These albums have pre-designed crystal-clear sleeves on each page where you can simply slide in your photos. The advantage of this type is that it offers quick and easy organisation without any adhesive required. This makes slip-in albums ideal for those who like to frequently change their display or want to protect their photographs from adhesive damage over time.

Our range of albums includes memo slip-in photo albums which allows you space next to each photo to record a memo or note on memo lines, about each of your treasured memories and serve as a reminder about that important photo, event or celebration for many years into the future.

Dry mount photo albums

Drymount photo albums (also referred to as pergamyn albums, loose-leaf page albums or photo mountable albums) have blank pages that do not have any pockets or adhesive. By having blank pages, these type of traditional photo albums allow you to position your photos onto each page in any way that suits you. A variety of photos sizes (such as 4x6inch, 5x7inch, 6x8inch, 8x10inch, 8x12inch, polaroid photos and more) can be displayed in a flexible way as desired.

Dry mount photo albums also allow you to include other items such as postcards, maps, tickets and other mementos, which would not be possible using a slip-in photo album. The pages are also ideal for you to be able to write a note, title or messages anywhere onto the page, to help you tell your story about that important photo, event, moment, place, person or celebration.

Drymount photo albums do require you use photo mounting accessories such as photo adhesives, photo corners or photo splits (tabs) as a method of attaching photos onto the page to keeps them in place.

Read our helpful guide to learn more - What is a Drymount Photo Album?

Self-adhesive photo albums

Another option is the traditional or self-adhesive album, also known as a magnetic page album or an easy mount album. These albums feature pages with sticky backings protected by a crystal-clear film that easily peels off the page to allow for flexible mounting of your photos, images, tickets and other mementoes arranged in any format.

These also allow multiple size photos or horizontal and vertical photos on the same page. Simply return the clear film back onto the page and your photos are now ready for viewing. The clear film also provides protection from dust, scratches and fingerprints.

The main benefit of these albums is there is no need for photo adhesives such as photo corners or photo splits (tabs) as the adhesive on the page keeps your photo in place. Photos can also be re-arranged or exchanged very easily.

Read our helpful guide to learn more - The Magic of Self-Adhesive Photo Albums

No matter which type of photo album you choose, remember that selecting high-quality materials will ensure longevity and protection for your precious memories. A little extra thought into choosing the right album will go a long way in preserving your most treasured moments for years to come.

Want to learn more about different types of photo albums? Read our helpful guide: Understanding Different Types of Photo Albums

Photo albums for life's special occasions

When it comes to preserving memories of life's milestones and special occasions, nothing beats a traditional photo album. Whether you're looking for a beautiful lace covered wedding album, a cute new baby album, or a commemorative school album, photo albums have the power to transport us back in time and relive those beautiful moments.

One of the main advantages of a traditional photo albums is their ability to spark conversations and bring people together. Unlike digital photos that are often shared on social media platforms and easily forgotten, physical albums can be passed around at family gatherings or shared with friends over coffee. The act of thumbing through a family photo album allows us to reminisce with our loved ones and create deeper connections as we recall shared experiences.

Another feature of creating a photo album is the process of selecting your favourite pictures and arranging them in a way that tells a story – capturing not just faces but also emotions and atmospheres. Through this process, we gain an appreciation for the little details that might have gone unnoticed at the time but now hold great significance. In curating an album for life's special occasions, we become storytellers weaving together images into narratives that will be cherished for years to come.

Want to learn more? Read our helpful guides:

Take a minute to enjoy life’s most beautiful memories

Our photo albums are perfect for creating a collection of treasured moments. Putting together key memories in your life or the life of another is a precious task that can only be supported by using the finest products which will securely hold your images for a lifetime of reminiscing. The collection of quality photo albums from Profile Australia includes modern display book photo albums, traditional photo albums, large capacity photo albums, and our designer photo albums collection in which you can pay tribute to all that is truly special to you.

Whether it's a milestone birthday, a graduation ceremony, a family holiday, or even just everyday moments that hold sentimental value, our photo albums are designed to showcase these precious memories in style. With attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship, each album is carefully crafted to preserve your photographs for generations to come.

If you're looking for something modern and different, then our display book photo albums offer a contemporary twist on traditional albums, with a box-like magnetic cover, these look great on a coffee table. Also, our dry mount photo albums are also ideal for candid polaroid photos and fun photo booth photos. For something more compact, our colourful range of mini-sized Citi leather pocket wallet albums are perfect to carry around in a handbag.

When it comes to showcasing your special day, we're well-known for our premium collection of wedding photo albums that are guaranteed to capture all the cherished moments and emotions shared on your big day. We offer a wide variety of styles and designs to suit every couple's unique taste and personality. From classic leather-bound albums with gold embossing to contemporary flush mount albums with sleek

Protect your pictures with quality photo albums

Every Profile photo album is designed in-house and manufactured to the highest standard from ethical and sustainable materials. Our archival quality photo albums are all made with acid-free materials which are 100% photo safe, so you know that your most precious memories will be safe with an album from Profile.

With our exclusive Picture-Perfect lifetime guarantee, you can be sure that a Profile photo album is designed to safeguard your photos so you can rest assured that there is no better way to store them. Profile Australia offers have the best photo albums available, perfect to hold all of your moments that you have collected and cherished in life.

Choosing the best Photo albums in Australia

The most important things in life, are sometimes our memories. And it is so important to most of us to preserve these for a lifetime or more. So, when it comes to choosing the best photo albums in Australia, the first place to start is with Profile. For over 45 years, we've been dedicated to providing high-quality photo albums that are designed to showcase and protect all of your moments that you have collected and cherished in life. Our archival photo albums are all hand-made to the highest standard from ethical and sustainable materials. Every Profile album is made with only the best quality materials which are acid-free and photo safe. 

At Profile, we believe that "Moments and Memories are the Meaning of Life". We understand the importance of preserving your photographs for future generations to enjoy. That's why we go above and beyond to create photo albums that are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting. Collect moments, relive memories and explore our collection of photo albums online today with Profile Australia.

What makes a Profile photo album unique?

  • Australia's Best Range - For over 45 years, Profile are Australia's most trusted supplier of quality archival photo albums.
  • Photo Safe: All of our photo albums are photo safe, acid-free and manufactured to an archival quality, so that they won't ever harm your photo memories.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our photo albums as we are so confident of our quality, so you can rest assured that your Profile photo album will stand the test of time.

Capture the memories and tell your life stories with a quality Profile photo album, designed to preserve your special moments and memories to last a lifetime.

Want to learn more about photo albums?

We have created a helpful resource hub with relevant articles and blogs to help you with your journey to learn more about photo albums: 

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FAQs about Profile Photo Albums

A photo album is a book or binder that is used to store and display photographs.

Photo albums are not just a collection of pictures; they are a visual narrative of our lives, capturing the moments that shape who we are. In today's digital age where everything is stored on cloud drives or social media platforms, the value of physical photo albums may be overlooked. However, there is something uniquely magical about flipping through pages adorned with memories and reliving those precious moments.

One of the main reasons why photo albums are important is their ability to preserve memories for future generations. They serve as historical artifacts, telling stories and passing down family legacies. When your share your albums with your children or grandchildren, you provide them with glimpses into their origins and help them to develop a sense of belonging and identity.

Photo albums also evoke emotions that cannot be replicated by scrolling through a screen. As you touch each photograph and turn the page, you engage multiple senses – sight and touch – which fosters a deeper connection to the images captured in time. The act of organising pictures into an album also allows you to curate your own narratives. You can arrange photos in chronological order or tell specific stories by grouping related images together.

So, take some time to dig out those old shoeboxes filled with nostalgic treasures and start creating your own photo album today.

Consider factors such as size, capacity, material, and style when choosing a photo album. Think about how many photos you have and what type of design or theme you prefer. We've also created a library of photo album buying guides you might find helpful.

Some of our photo albums offer the option to add or remove pages, while others are pre-bound with a fixed number of pages. The following options allow you to add extra pages:

Yes, there are various types of photo albums available, including traditional dry mount albums, slip-in pocket albums, and self-adhesive albums. Each type has its own advantages and functions differently. You can learn more by reading our helpful article - Understanding different types of photo albums.

You can organize your photos chronologically, by event or occasion, or based on any other criteria or themes that make sense to you. We've written some articles on this topic that may helpful:

Our range of photo albums are suitable for all standard-sized photos. Standard sizes would be: 4x6 photos, 6x4 photos, 5x7 photos, 7x5 photos, 6x8 photos, 8x6 photos, 8x10 photos, 10x8 photos.

in fact, our popular dry mount and self-adhesive albums allow you the flexibility to use virtually any size or shaped photo. Even square photos like Polariods, and photo strips.

To ensure long-term preservation of old photographs, it's important to choose an acid-free and archival-quality photo album that won't damage the pictures over time. All Profile photo albums meet this archival quality standard and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Many of our photo albums allow personalisation options inside them, such as memo writing areas for adding any text, titles, captions or dates. Look for albums with this included in their description, if you want to add a personal touch. Dry mount photo albums are also popular for this, because they have blank pages which you can write on or decorate however you prefer.

To ensure the longevity of your photo album, it's recommended to store it in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of the album to prevent any damage. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away dust from the cover and pages if necessary.

This depends on the size of the photo album. However, we offer a special range of large capacity photo albums that allow you to store up to 500 photos.

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