Our Commitment to Sustainability and Our Environment

planting seedlings for renewable timbers

Our Vision

At Profile, our philosophy is to design and produce products that are crafted to withstand the tests of time, so that you can relive your memories for years to come.

We sincerely care for our future and are committed to the highest standards and best practices to preserve our environment. We demonstrate this by making continual efforts to minimise our impact on our planet by finding better ways to improve our products, our packaging and our processes.

We are proud of the sustainable products, materials and practices that we've adopted and implemented, which are industry leading. 

Sustainability logo sticker on timber frame

Our Products:

We strive to uphold exceptional standards in carefully sourcing beautiful and high-quality materials that are derived from ethical and sustainable practices. Many of our products and photo frames contain materials such as glass and cardboard which is also environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Solid Timber Picture Frames

All of our solid wood picture frames only use wood and timber which has been sourced from renewable plantations. In fact, our Natural Timber Oak frames are proudly sourced from local Australian plantations. 

forest plantation of renewable trees for timber

Solid MDF Frame Backing Boards

The eco-sustainable MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) backing boards used in all of our picture frames is made in Australia, using the high-quality fibers of eucalyptus & pine wood shavings and pieces that might otherwise have been discarded but can instead be recycled to make a rigid backing board. This contributes to reducing waste and maximizing the percentage of wood used. The wood sourced for manufacturing our MDF boards is sustainably sourced from Australian plantation timbers only. MDF is also recyclable as well. 

MDF Backing for Picture Frames

Printing Papers

The premium art paper we use for our decorator art prints is also made from sustainably sourced wood pulp.

Printed images on sustainable papers

Acrylic Glazing

Our acrylic glazing used on our larger sized picture frames, is specifically sourced and used because it is made from 50% recycled material. 

Acrylic Glass

Our Packaging:

We aim to use and re-use eco-friendly materials for packaging and shipping our products. 

Cardboard Recycling

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we accumulate a large amount of carboard packaging which we obtain from sourcing our materials. Every day, our warehouse and production team are actively reducing waste and landfill by re-using and recycling much of this cardboard packaging as possible. For example, some of this cardboard is re-purposed for secondary usage, such as reusable packaging and custom-made boxes, made using our computerised cutting machinery. 

boxes made from recycled cardboard

We also isolate and recycle further excess cardboard materials, using commercial recycling waste providers as well. 

Cardboard Boxes

When we buy new cardboard boxes for our packaging, these are made from a percentage of recycled paper content, they're proudly made in Australia and are also 100% recyclable and compostable. 

Profile Box Packaging Diagram

Plastic & Void Fill

We acknowledge that reducing excess packaging and wastage is an important objective for both us and our customers. 

We're conscious of the impact that plastics may have on our environment and continually make efforts to explore way to minimise the use of plastic in our packaging wherever possible. 

For example, sometimes we need to use a void fill in our packaging, to act as a shock absorber so that our products are not damaged in transit. 

Rather than using plastic, polystyrene or foam, instead our items are carefully packed using an Australian-made void fill material which is environmentally friendly, called "Biofill".

Biofill packaging

Our Biofill void fill is an alternative to traditional plastic air-pillows or styrofoam packing 'peanuts'. Biofill made from natural corn and potato starch. This fill is also bio-degradable, water-soluble, compostable, non-toxic and proudly made in Australia. 

Biofill packaging in bags

Our Commitment

We acknowledge the role we play in providing a better world for our future, so that people can lead positive lives, making memories to hopefully share and enjoy in our eco-sustainable picture frames which we are proud to produce. 

Profile's commitment is to continue assessing and refining our processes, products and packaging options as an ongoing process, so that sustainability and our environment remain a priority for future generations to come. 

We Listen

If you would like more information or would like to get in touch with us, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!