At Profile, we care for the environment and we are continually making efforts to minimise our environmental impact and finding new ways to improve our products, our packaging and our processes to protect our planet. 

Sustainability logo sticker on timber frame

Our Products:

All of our solid wood picture frames only use timber which has been been sourced from sustainable plantations. Our Natural Timber Oak frames are sourced from Australian plantations. 

Many of our products and photo frames contain materials such as glass and cardboard which is also environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

The premium art paper we use for our decorator art prints is also made from sustainably sourced wood pulp.

Our Packaging:

All of our items are carefully packed using environmentally friendly bio-fill made from corn-starch (bio-degradable, water-soluble) and recyclable cardboard packaging cartons which are Australian Conservation Foundation approved.

We even re-use and recycle the cardboard packaging that we obtain from sourcing our materials, and re-purpose this for secondary usage, such as reusable packaging and custom-made boxes.