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Fruity Fragrances - Luxury Soap & Skincare Collection

What is a Fruity Fragrance?

A fruity fragrance embodies the juicy, succulent, vibrant and often sweet aromas of various fruits. From the scent of fully ripe berries at a bustling fruit market on a warm summer day, to the sweetness of tropical delights at a paradise beach destination during your summer holidays.

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The Hidden Layers Behind Fruity Aromas

Usually, a fruity scent has zesty and effervescent top notes to provide an initial boost of energy and freshness, sweet and juicy heart notes to add depth and complexity and warm and woody notes as a base to anchor the fragrance.

The Appeal of Fruity Fragrances

Fruity fragrances are popular for their refreshing and energising qualities. They evoke feeling of playfulness, youth and positivity. They deliver sentiments of mouthwatering and invigorating. They are very versatile and a preferred choice for many from young to elders' souls.

Discover Australia's Favourite Fruity Skincare Products

Shop by fragrance and explore our fruity collection of luxury soap and skin care products from our premium range of products from The English Soap Company and Rudy Profumi, from Italy.

If you are in search of an exquisite body cream from Italy that will leave your skin moisturized and radiant, or a high-quality hand cream infused with shea butter, or even a fragrant fruity bar soap from England that exudes luxury, our collection of skincare products is guaranteed to offer the ideal gift for either yourself or a loved one.