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Picture Frame Measuring Guide - The Best Way to Order Photo Frames Online

How to Choose the Right Size Photo Frame?

To help you choose the right photo frame for your photo or artwork, we have created this picture frame size reference guide. This will also help you understand the different terminology that can be used when it comes to measuring picture frames.

We have also created a helpful Picture Frame Size & Style Guide which you can refer to as well.

How are Picture Frames Measured?

Our picture frame measurements are manufactured to popular imperial photo sizes (inches) - as most standard sized photos are commonly printed to exact imperial dimensions (inches).

However not everyone is familiar with inches, especially in Australia. So, we also include a converted dimensions in centimetres as well (cm). 

  • for example: 8x10in (20x25cm)

Note that the centimetre size we display in our product descriptions is the approximate nearest metric equivalent. This means that the centimetre dimensions may vary by +/- 0.5cm either way. The actual size for an 8x10 inch frame in centimeters is 20.3x25.4cm

We intentionally round our 'cm' dimensions for simplicity. This helps make it quicker and easier for reference, without getting too confusing, with too many digits and decimal points. 

Frame Size Measurements

As mentioned, the "Frame Dimensions" of most of our picture frames and photo frames is displayed in both inches (in) and centimetres (cm). This metric also refers to internal dimensions of the picture frame, which also happens to be the same as the internal 'glass' size of the frame. 

In the website example below, the frame size shows an 8x10in (20x25cm) frame with a matboard, and a window cut out which is suitable to suit an 5x7in (13x18cm) sized image: 

Picture Frame Dimensions

Side note: If you choose to remove the mat board from this 8x10 inch frame, you can also have the option to insert a larger 8x10 inch sized image (20x25cm).

Frame Measuring Terminology 

Below is a diagram of the same 8x10 inch frame again, but with descriptions of the types of measurements used when referring to picture frames.

Definitions of these descriptions are then provided below:

Photo Frame Dimensions

Frame Dimensions

Frame Dimensions are the first and most common measurement used when measuring frames. This specifically refers to the internal dimensions of the picture frame, which is also the same as the glass dimensions. 

Window Dimensions

This measurement is only used when a frame includes an options matboard border (sometimes called a window mat). These window dimensions relate to the size of artwork that the window cut out of the mat board would best be suited for. 

Side Note: This window opening dimension will be about 3-5mm slightly smaller than the actual photo or artwork dimensions, all the way around. This will help prevent your photo or artwork from slipping and falling through the window. 

Moulding Width

Moulding is a technical term for the picture frame "rail", itself. The moulding width is the width of the face of the frame itself. 

External Dimensions

The External Dimensions of a frame can commonly be confused with Frame Dimensions, by mistake.

External frame dimensions are the actually overall 'outside dimensions' of the frame, from outside edge-to-edge.

However, this dimension is very rarely used in the world of picture frames, because it can vary so much, depending on the Moulding Width.

These External Dimensions of a frame have no relation to the actual size of artwork that the frame would suit. This is due to the variable moulding width.

For example, you could have two different 8x10in frames (20x25cm), made using different widths of mouldings. Their External Dimensions could vary greatly, but their internal dimensions (Frame Size) and Glass Size would remain the same. 

External Dimensions are generally only helpful, when you are trying to work out how much space or area a frame will require on a wall, when it is hung. 

Frame example with actual measurements

Now let's look at the same frame again, but with real dimensions. We will then define these measurements below, using real measurement values. 

Photo Frame Measurements
  • Frame Dimensions = 8x10in (20x25cm)
  • Window Dimensions = 5x7in (13x18cm)
  • Moulding Width = 2cm
  • External Dimensions = 24x29cm

Hopefully this information helps to explain some of the measurements and terminology when looking to order your picture frames online. 

Can you display a photo frame either portrait or landscape?

Yes. Our photo frames and picture frames can be displayed in either a portrait (vertical) orientation or a landscape (horizontal) orientation photo. For example, if a photo frame is rotated 90 degrees onto its side, it can also suit a landscape photo or image.

Picture frame size conversion table for inches to centimetres

We've created a helpful conversion chart of common standard Australian picture frame sizes which includes a conversion table and visual diagrams so you can see what's easy to find and what the measurements will be in either centimeters or inches. 

How can I accurately calculate the outside dimensions of the frame?

We've also put together this helpful guide to calculate the outside external dimensions, when you cannot physically measure the frame.

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