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How to Choose the Right Size Picture Frame?

To help you choose the right picture frame for your photo or artwork, we have created this picture frame size reference guide to help you understand the different technical terms that appear in our detailed photo frame product pages.

Our photo frame measurements are manufactured to popular imperial photo sizes (inches) - as most standard sized photos are commonly printed to exact imperial dimensions (inches). The centimetre size noted in our descriptions is the approximate nearest metric equivalent. Thus, the centimetre dimension may vary by +/- 0.5cm either way.

The "Size" of most of our photo frames and picture frames is displayed in both inches (in) and centimetres (cm) and refers to internal dimensions of the photo frame which is the internal 'glass' size.

In the screenshot below, the first item on line 2 is an 8x10 inches (approx. 20x25cm) photo frame which is suitable for a photo or image size of 5x7 inches (approx. 13x18cm). In this format, if there is only one size for the photo frame, then the photo frame does not include a matboard.

examples of frames sizes listed

Where an item has a "Size" dimension first and then a smaller "Opening" dimension - as in the screenshot examples above.

  • The first "Size" dimension, refers to the internal dimensions of the photo frame which is the glass size. 
  • The second "Opening" dimension refers to the size of the photo or image that can be mounted inside the matboard window opening. 

In the example above, the item on the line 2 has a Frame Size of 8x10 inches (approx. 20x25cm) with a matboard inside to suit a photo or image size of  5x7inches (approx. 13x18cm).

If you remove the matboard from the photo frame, you can also have the option to insert a larger photo or image of 8x10 inches (approx. 20x25cm).

Another example of the photo frame image below shows visually what we refer to as the "Size" and "Opening".

In this diagram, the "Size" is 8x10 inches (approx. 20x25cm) and has a window "Opening" to suit a photo of 5x7 inches (approx.13x18cm).

Dimensions on frame
Can you Display a Photo Frame either Portrait or Landscape?
Note, our photo frames and picture frames can suit either a portrait image or photo, or a landscape photo. For example, if the photo frame is rotated 90 degrees onto its side, it can also suit a landscape photo or image.
Picture Frame Size Conversion Table and Reference Chart
We've created a conversion chart of common standard Australian picture frame sizes which includes a conversion table and visual diagrams so you can see what's easy to find and what the measurements will be in either centimeters or inches. 

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