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Transform your empty walls into a stunning display of memories with our Gallery Photo Wall frame sets. Whether you want to showcase an intimate family photo collection or an assortment of your favorite art prints, our frame sets provide the perfect solution.

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Profile Australian Made

Photo Wall Frame Sets

Enhance your walls with our premium gallery wall frame sets. Made just for you in Australia. Add a touch of elegance to any room and showcase your favorite photographs.

There is no better way to showcase your memories and family portraits than with a Photo Wall Gallery frame set. At Profile, we provide you with a range of premium Australian-made, Photo Wall Gallery Sets that expertly frame your photography and art to enhance your interiors.

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What Makes a Profile Timber Gallery Photo Wall Frame Set Unique?

  • Australian Made Options: Our extensive range of Australian Made quality timber photo frames and picture frames has earned us the reputation as the leading supplier to the Australian market.
  • Australia's Largest Range- Profile are Australia's largest manufacturer of timber picture frames.
  • Eco-Sustainable Solid Timber: Included in our assortment are solid timber wooden photo frames and an extensive range of Australian native natural timber photo frames, that are all carefully handcrafted here in Australia using the finest eco-sustainable materials and with an eye for detail, design and beauty.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products as we are so confident of our quality, so you can rest assured that your Profile timber picture frame will stand the test of time.

Gallery Set of Picture Frames to Suit Any Room

A gallery photo wall can sometimes be referred to as a "Salon Hang" or a "Salon Style hang", but they are all the same concepts.

Compiling key moments in your life requires the finest finishes. Our picture wall gallery frame set includes a number of portrait and landscape frames in different sizes — allowing you to artfully arrange your treasured moments in unique configurations on your walls.

Whether you are looking to create a floor to ceiling gallery wall collage display or a pair of asymmetric rows, our photo wall gallery frames are the perfect option to decorate a hallway, staircase, living or dining room. From a crisp white or contrasting blacks and browns, you’ll find timber frames in a range of finishes to match your decor scheme and let your memories stand out.

Our frame wall gallery sets create an art gallery experience at home. With different sizes and frames with multiple openings, you can create a contemporary, eclectic display for all to enjoy.

Alternative Options for Collage Photo Displays

For a stylish, affordable and compact collage photo arrangement, why not also check out Australia's largest range of collage photo frames which come in a wide variety of configurations and options?

Premium Quality Frame Sets You Can Count On

When it comes to displaying special moments, the perfect setting to exhibit your photos is a must. With our photo-safe wall collage gallery frame sets, you can be sure that your favourite photographs and artworks will be kept in optimal condition.

Browse our range to find Australian-made photo wall gallery frame sets featuring solid timber frames, 2mm glass panels, an MDF backing board and an off-white double matboard. Our frames are crafted from eco-sustainable plantation timber to give you the look you want with environmentally friendly craftsmanship.

Choosing the Best Photo Wall Frame Sets in Australia

Profile has an industry-leading reputation for delivering quality products to our customers in Australia and internationally. That’s why our Profile gallery frame sets come with a lifetime guarantee that our products, like your memories, will stand the test of time.

Whether you’re looking for a salon hang set, a photo gallery wall, photo album, novelty frame or a photo frame, Profile has everything you need. With delivery across Australia and abroad, you can get your wall gallery frame set shipped straight to your door for complete convenience.

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Gallery Wall Frame Set FAQs

A gallery photo wall frame set is a pre-packed collection of photo frames specifically designed to create an eye-catching and appealing display on your wall. These sets include multiple picture frames in various sizes and shapes.

To choose the right size of frame set, firstly consider the available space on your wall and the desired visual impact.

Measure your wall area where you plan to hang the frames and take note of any furniture features that may affect the layout.

Also consider the colour of the frames, to best blend in with your style and decor.

Yes! Our gallery photo wall frame sets allow you to customise the arrangement according to your preference. You can experiment with different layouts by arranging and rearranging the frames until you find the
perfect arrangement.

Don't forget, you can also change the orientation of any frames in a set as well. Frames can be hung either portrait or landscape, so the options are really endless!

Absolutely! Gallery photo wall frame sets are versatile and can be used to display various types of photos or artwork, such as family portraits, landscapes, abstract art, or even diplomas and certificates.

Yes! All of our gallery photo wall frame sets come with hanging hardware included. This includes wire and hangers for the backs of the frames.

Here's our helpful article and video on how to attach hangers and wire to the back of a picture frame:

How to Attach Wire to the Back of Your Photo Frame

All of the photo frames in our sets are made with responsibly sourced, eco-sustainable timbers and even recycled materials, such as the MDF backings.

Every frame also features real glass for the best clarity. For frames that include matboard borders, these are all double-layered, premium, acid-free boards.

All of our exclusive Profile branded frames sets are Australian made, in our workshop in Sydney, using premium, gallery grade materials.

Our Studio Nova range of frame sets are imported, and represent great quality, at a more competitively price.

These sets are fixed in their assortment, so it is not possible to add or remove frames from
gallery photo wall frame sets.

However, it is possible to buy most of these photo frames individually on our website, so you could effectively create your own gallery wall frame set.