Framing Accessories

Profile offers a range of helpful DIY Picture Framing Accessories to help you with your picture framing projects. We only source the highest quality materials for picture frame and photo protection. Our range features a variety of solutions to help you display, secure and hang your framed artwork, including adhesives for mounting, wire kits for hanging, frame sealing tapes and more.
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We also offer convenient, cut-to-size solutions for foamboard or MDF backing, as well as replacement Perspex glass for frames. Whether its DIY framing or simple frame repair, Profile can offer a solution to help you get the job done!

Our range of professional grade DIY framing accessories will make your picture framing projects easier and less stressful than before!

High quality materials for picture frame and photo protection

When it comes to picture frames and artwork protection, the quality of materials used can make a significant difference. Additional to our premium range of acid-free, cut-to-size matboards, Profile offers high quality framing accessories to ensure your artwork is framed properly and safely. For example, materials such as acid-free foamboard, acid-free adhesives for mounting images, shatter-proof acrylic glazing with enhance the preservation of your artwork and photos in a frame.

We also offer professional frame backing tape to properly seal a frame, and steel wire kits for hanging. Everything you need for that professional, finishing touch.

Convenient cut-to-size solutions for foamboard or MDF backings

Cut-to-size solutions for foamboard or MDF backings are a convenient and cost-effective way to repair or upgrade your framed pictures. Foamboard is acid-free, lightweight, easy to cut, and provides a smooth surface. It can also come with an adhesive layer for mounting images. MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is more durable than foamboard and offers a sturdier backing for larger-sized picture frames.

Pre-cut foamboard or MDF saves you time in the framing process. Profile offers a range of convenient cut-to-size options for foamboard and MDF in popular standard sizes ensuring a perfect fit inside your frame. This reduces your need for expensive equipment or time-consuming manual cutting with a knife or saw, while providing excellent results.

Need to repair some broken glass in a frame?

Profile offers a convenient range of replacement acrylic Perspex glass pre-cut to popular sizes, which is unbreakable and safe to handle. These replacement acrylic Perspex glass sheets are the perfect choice for replacing broken or cracked glass in a picture frame.

Need to replace and easel stand back for a photo frame?

Our quality, Australian-made easel stands for photo frames are made from sturdy 3mm MDF wood and are designed to allow small photo frames to stand on a tabletop. Available in a range of popular sizes, these feature a patented metal hinge that holds the frame securely in place at your preferred display angle.

Invest in Quality Framing Accessories to Enhance Your Projects

Profile's range of Picture framing accessories are essential tools for anyone who wants to frame and display their artwork or photographs in the best possible way. These accessories not only make it easier to frame and hang pictures but also enhance their overall aesthetic appeal.

Using our range of high-quality picture framing accessories will ensure that your artwork remains protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors that can damage it over time. Additionally, these accessories help to create a professional and polished look for your art pieces. Overall, investing in good quality picture framing accessories from Profile is a smart move for any artist or photographer looking to showcase their work in the best light possible.