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Are you ready to add some personality and style to your home decor? Profile is Australia's go-to destination for the widest range of collage photo frames. With their Australian-made eco-sustainable timber, these multi-photo frames not only capture your favourite memories but also create an eye-catching display that will make your memories come alive.

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What Makes a Profile Collage Photo Frame Unique?

  • Australia's Largest Range - Profile are Australia's largest manufacturer of timber collage picture frames.
  • Australian Made: Our extensive range of Australian Made quality collage photo frames and picture frames has earned us the reputation as the #1 supplier to the Australian market.
  • Eco Sustainable Solid Timber: All of our solid timber collage photo frames are all carefully handcrafted here in Australia using the finest eco-sustainable materials and with an eye for detail, design and beauty.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our collage frames as we are so confident of our quality, so you can rest assured that your Profile timber picture frame will stand the test of time.

Why Choose a Collage Photo Frame?

There are plenty of reasons why people will choose a collage frame to display their photos. Multi Photo Frames are great for showcasing multiple portraits, they help you tell a story, and are easy to fit and hang. Read our blog on this topic to learn more:

Where Can I Buy a Collage Frame?

If you are looking for the best range of collage frames online, then you can't look past a quality timber collage picture frame from Profile Australia. Our multi-window collage gallery frames are all made with craftsmanship and care, so when you shop online with us, you know you will be buying a quality product.

Tell Your Story with a Multi Photo Collage Frame!

Our popular collection of Collage Photo Frames features multi-opening windows to create eye-catching, creative and fun photo arrangements of your memories.

These unique designer photo collage frames are ideal for customising and displaying your favourite photos for your holidays, family, birthdays and other life events.

Mix and match your photos to create a curated collection of moments and memories using photo collage frames that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

You can insert your photos into a collage photo frame in a number of ways. Keep in mind you may have to trim some photos to allow them to fit the window in the matboard. But this can be a fun project to do as well.

Where Are Your Collage Frames Made?

All of our gallery collage picture frames have been proudly made in our workshop located in Sydney, Australia, since 1977. Profile is one of the only Australian picture frame manufacturers which has trade qualified Master Certified Picture Framers® on staff. Our skilled picture framers use the latest technology in premium machinery to maintain the highest quality of craftsmanship with attention to detail.

Being founded over forty five years ago, our company has stood the test of time, and with our lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured our products will be around even longer.

What Materials Are Profile Collage Frames Made From?

We build all of our picture frames to last a lifetime, so we only use the highest quality materials, including solid timber for the picture frames. We don't make any cheap plastic frames or frames that are made from compressed cardboard with thin vinyl wrapping.

We care about our environment so all of our collage picture frames are made using carefully selected eco-sustainable materials. We only use renewable solid timbers which are sourced from environmentally-managed plantations.

Most of the materials used to make our picture frames are also recyclable, such as the glass and backing. Even our cardboard packaging is recyclable as well.

All of our collage frames come with a solid MDF backing and also include a wall hanging options and kits, so that you can hang them on your wall either horizontally or vertically.

Multi-Frame Picture Collage Display Walls

If you're looking to create a gallery photo wall display of multiple frames, then check out our collection of Gallery Wall Frame Sets. These convenient sets are complete. ready to go and will help you to create a beautiful, eye-catching photo wall display of your favourite memories and art!

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Collage Photo Frames FAQs

Collage photo frames are picture frames that allow you to display multiple photos in a single frame, creating a visually appealing and personalised display.

The number of photos that can be accommodated in a collage photo frame varies depending on the size and design of the frame. Some frames can hold as few as three photos, while others can hold up to 16 photos.

Yes, collage photo frames come in various sizes to suit your preference. You can find small collage frames perfect for displaying a few cherished memories, as well as larger sized collage frames that can accommodate numerous photos.

Absolutely! Our range of collage photo frames offer different layouts for arranging your pictures. You can choose from various layouts and patterns to create a unique arrangement that showcases your favourite moments. Don't forget you can also hang these frames either vertically or horizontally as well, creating a completely different format.

Yes, there are both hanging and tabletop options when it comes to collage photo frames. Hanging frames are typically timber and come with a wire hanging kit, while tabletop collage frames are metal have easel back stands built into their design for display on flat surfaces.

Yes. Our collage photo frames feature removable backings, allowing you to swap out and change the photos whenever you desire. This makes it simple to update your frame with new memories or switch out older photographs.

Collage photo frames are versatile and can accommodate various types of pictures: family portraits, holiday snapshots, wedding memories, or even artistic prints. The choice is entirely up to you!

Sometimes you might have many photos to frame. So, you could either buy and display multiple collage photo frames, or you could also consider creating a gallery photo wall display. Profile offers a range of convenient gallery wall frame sets to help make your own collage photo wall!