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    Foam board (also known as foam core) is a versatile and lightweight material used for a variety of applications. It's an excellent choice for mounting photos and artwork in picture frames, as it offers a rigid backing substrate that's both resilient and cost-effective.

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    With its similar rigidness to corrugated cardboard, foam board is an ideal solution for many picture framing, construction, school and office projects.

    Our cut-to-size white foam board sheets come in either plain or self-adhesive options, are easy to cut and come with a smooth finish on both sides.

    What is Foam Board?

    Also known as foamcore, foam board is a lightweight, foam centered rigid backing substrate that is commonly used for mounting photos and artwork in picture frames. Foamboard has a similar rigidity to corrugated cardboard, but is much nicer, lighter, whiter, and smoother to work with.

    This lightweight and rigid backing substrate offers an economical and versatile solution for both professional and amateur designers alike. Perfectly designed to suit your craft and framing needs, these durable foam sheets will help you bring any project or framed artwork to life.

    Our high-quality, bright white foam boards are lightweight yet incredibly strong, and their smooth surface provides a wide variety of possibilities for your creativity.

    Our self-adhesive foam board comes with a release paper on one side, which once you peel off presents a layer of pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is ideal for mounting your pictures directly onto the board. This results in a permanent, flat and professional finish when framing photographic prints and posters.

    How is Foam Core Made?

    Our eco-friendly foam core board is made of three different layers, with an internal layer of a dense, CFC-free polyurethane foam, surrounded both top and bottom with layers of smooth white, acid-free card paper. Foamboard is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

    Our self-adhesive foam board has a top layer which is coated with a thin film of permanent adhesive and then protected with a removeable release liner.

    Our foam boards come in a variety of pre-cut size options and are professionally cut-to-size on our industrial CMC machinery here in Australia by Profile.

    These lightweight foam boards come in 5mm thickness and are perfect as a premium, high-quality support backings for picture frames.

    What is Foamboard Used For?

    Foam board is a popular material used for framing photos, artwork, and signage in a variety of settings. Foam board is perfect for a variety of applications such as framing artwork such as posters, prints and photos. It is also used for presentation purposes such as display boards and signs.

    Because it is flexible and easy to work with, foamboard is also popular for art and painting, craft or even creating 3D models. Foam board provides a smooth surface to attach your work to and can be cut and manipulated into almost any shape.

    Where Can I Buy Foam Board in Australia?

    If you're looking for the highest-quality foam boards online, then you will not find a better option than custom sized foam boards from Profile Australia. We can supply foam boards in varying sizes at a discounted prices for bulk purchases. The most popular sizes are A1 Foam board, A2 Foam board and A3 Foam board.

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    Made in Australia

    Precision cut on our Swiss Computerised Matcutter
    Cut-to-Size with Precision

    Our foam boards are cut perfectly to size with clean, crisp edges
    using our state-of-the-art computerised CMC cutting equipment.

    Computerised CMC for cutting foamboard
    Cutting foamboard with a sharp knife
    Lightweight & Easy to Cut

    Foam boards are easy to cut to size by using a straight edge
    ruler and a utility knife with a sharp blade for a clean cut. The smooth white surface papers can also be marked with a pen or pencil for guidelines.