Keep the merry and magic and cherish your memories

Keep the Merry and Magic - Ways to Cherish your Memories

Christmas Tree with Gifts and Framed Photos on Wall

As the most wonderful time of the year comes to an end and the New Year celebrations dwindle, we are soon jilted back to reality. We can’t speak for everyone, but we know many often find themselves wondering what it is about this time of year that puts a giddy hop in our step. Of course, the tasty food we have definitely gauged ourselves in and the loving company we surround ourselves with has an important part to play in why the festive season is remarkable. But we think it’s a little bit more than that.

The Christmas/New Year period is a universally recognised time of year whereby we all can stop, breathe, reflect and appreciate the year that was and actually get excited about the year to come. We make New Year’s resolutions and plan romantic getaways. We are reminded why we love each other and question why we don’t catch up more. We reflect on lessons learned and how we can be and do better – setting personal, internal goals as well as reaching that financial aim or getting those abs we are all longing for. This magical “thing” that fills the air during this period is, hope. It manifests in the gifts we give, the people we see and the things we do.

We guess the next question is, why does it only seem to have a shelf life of only two months? Well, what if we told you there is a way to make the magic of those moments last and be relived with a simple glance.

Here are some of our favourite ways you can keep and cherish your memories for the year to come:

Centre of Attention

Not getting a family photograph at this time of year is like serving the turkey with no stuffing or leaving the brandy out of the Christmas fruit cake!
Whether you’re gathered under the tree, across the dinner table or outside in the sun or snow, Christmas itself acts as the perfect backdrop which every family loves to take advantage of.
Allow this moment to be the focal point in your home by enlarging the photograph and let it be the hero in one of your favourite rooms, displayed in a timber picture frame. Choose a picture frame that will compliment your décor and the tones within the photograph itself. Of course, you could always choose a picture frame with a mat board to elevate it further and add the finishing touch! 

Chestnut Frame
Stone Ash Frame

Staircase Photo Wall Montage

If you’re anything like us, you’re a happy snapper and have many a ‘photograph with similar subject matter, backgrounds or themes. We are often left with the predicament of choosing our favourite sole photograph, because surely you cannot have such similar images displayed at once, right? Wrong!

Showcase your favourite photos with a wonderful photograph montage of your favourite photos in timeless picture frames that follow the same look and feel are your decor, such as these square black frames with white mat boards used in the example below. It creates a beautiful and harmonious flow, and also extends the story over an array of small, captured moments. Using the wall that runs along your stairs case is a great space to do this with, or even a kitchen wall, or bedroom…pretty much anywhere!

Black Frame

Coffee Table Photo Album Folio Book

One of our favourite ideas is combining all your favourite photographs you have taken this past year and pop them in a coffee table photo album to create a bit of a year in review.
Over the year, we accumulate so many wonderful photographs and images that tend to stay on our devices. Share your memories with your loved ones by printing and placing them in a photo album that can then live on your coffee table or bookshelf. Not only will this free up space on your devices, it will also add a stylish addition to your home. It’s a win-win! 

Drymount Photo Album
Slip in photo album

Shadow Box Ornament Picture Frame

Buy an affordable shadow box picture frame and adorn it with seasonal decorations to keep that festive spirit all year long. 

Santa Frame


Ornament Frame

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At Profile, we are passionate about helping you collect moments and relive your memories. We strive to prove that there is magic in every time of year and constant moments that deserve to be cherished.

We would love to be with you in every memory made, so if there is anything we can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From our Profile family to yours,
we wish you a Merry Christmas,
a Happy New Year and
a lifetime of cherished memories.

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