Different Types of Photo Frames

A Helpful Guide to the Different Types of Picture Frames


When looking to buy photo frames online, there are many options and styles available. Choosing the most best picture frame for your space can sometimes be overwhelming. From timber photo frames to poster frames, certificate frames, shadow boxes, there is a wide variety of styles, finishes and materials in framing. 

So, to help you with choosing the right frame, we've put together a quick guide that describes different the types and styles of frames you can choose from. 

Gallery Wall of Timber Photo Frames

Timber Frames

Why we love them:

Our Profile timber photo frames are the result of a combination of craftsmanship, sustainability and durability. Our timber wooden photo frames are hand crafted here in Sydney, Australia. All Profile wooden frames are made using the finest eco-sustainable solid timber and materials, sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

We also offer natural timber frames made from Australian native timber, such as our popular range of Victorian Ash frames (also known as Tasmanian oak frames). All Profile natural timber frames not only keep your memories protected and saved but also contribute to preserving our planet's natural resources. 

Ideal for:

These high-quality, handcrafted timber frames are ideal to use around your home to frame your most treasured photos and memories. Timber photo frames come in a wide range of styles, stains and sizes available from a small easel mounted photo frame which will look amazing on a shelf or desk, to a large wall mounted picture frame.

The lengths of wood used in making a frame is called a moulding. Mouldings can come in different shapes and sizes. Profile offers several different sizes of frame mouldings, which can be shown in our frame style infographic below: 

Timber Photo Frames Diagram
  • Elegant - this popular style of frame moulding is square in shape, and measures 2cm across the face and sits 2cm deep from front to back. Ideal for smaller sized photo frames up to 16x20inches (40x50cm).
  • Decorator - this style of frame also measures 2cm across the face and but is 3cm deep from front to back, making it more of a box style frame. Suitable for larger sized frames, such as poster frame, A1 frames and A2 frames. 
  • Classic - this style of frame moulding is more prominent, measuring 3cm across the face and sitting 2cm deep from front to back. Also suitable for larger sized poster frames, A1 frames and A2 frames. 
  • Gallery - this frame moulding style is a deep-set, box style frame. Measuring 2cm across the face, this frame sits 3.5 to 4cm from front to back. 

Our most popular timber frame finishes are black, white, natural oak, chestnut and stone ash. But no matter the timber frame you ultimately decide on are sure to impress your visitors and elevate your space. 

Timber Photo Frames

Poster Frames

Why we love them:

Our exceptional high-quality Australian made poster frames are ideal for adorning your walls with meaningful artworks, posters, photos or prints. Profile poster frames are made using solid wooden timber and built to last a lifetime. We especially love our natural oak timber options which reveal the natural markings and grains from the tree. A1 frames and A2 frames are the most popular poster sizes. 

Ideal for:

With poster frames, you are bringing the quality and style of frame that you might see in a museum or art gallery into your home. Use them to display your most prized prints and posters. Hang a few of them together to create the museum-worthy collection you've always wanted, right into your home.

Additionally, can also get your favourite family photos blown up to poster-sized enlargements, to vivid capture those precious moments. 

Poster Photo Frames

Gallery Photo Wall Frame Sets

Why we love them:

Our popular Gallery Photo Wall Frames Sets are bundle packs of our meticulously crafted timber frames that when arranged together, create a captivating focal point and an elegant backdrop for your cherished memories.

Every frame set includes an aesthetically designed selection of photo frames in different sizes, to accommodate different photos or art prints. All Profile gallery wall sets also come with a helpful installation guide to help you with the hanging process. 

Ideal for:

A gallery wall set is perfect to transform a large bare wall into a stunning display of memories. There are several different sets available, specifically curated to fit different spaces such as a living room, staircase, entryway or corridor. They also come in different finishes, to help match your style and decor. 

A gallery wall frame display (also called a Salon Hang) is an affordable way to effortlessly create a professional display of your favourite images, artworks and memories. 

Gallery Wall Frame Set

Collage Frames

Why we love them:

Collage frames are multi-opening window frames which are perfect to display multiple photos in eye-catching, creative and even fun arrangements. 

Profile collage multi-window frames are made from solid, eco-sustainable timber and are an easy way to add style and personality into any room. They come in a wide variety of different window arrangements, in different sizes. Profile timber collage frames are also very easy to fit and hang. 

Ideal for:

Profile multi-photo frames are ideal when you have multiple photos that you want to display and limited space. We recommend showcasing photos of a similar theme to help you tell a story.

For example, you can customise each collage frame with your favourite photos of your holidays, family, birthdays and other events. 

These versatile frames can also be hung either horizontally or vertically, for completely different arrangements. 

Collage Photo Frames

Metal Frames

Why we love them:

Profile offers an extensive range of solid metal photo frames carefully hand-made using heavy gauge metal and the finest materials. These are premium quality finish and resistant metal frames that will help prevent scratching or damage your precious photos. 

Ideal for:

Metal frames are ideal to complement and add a personal touch to your home decor. There are many different styles available from slim and sleek to eclectic and ornate. Choose one that adds flair to your space.

Metal frames can also be a personalised and meaningful gift for your loves ones that can last a lifetime. 

Metal Photo Frames

Certificate Frames

Why we love them:

Profile offers a range of certificate frames which are hand crafted to suit your award or certificate. Constructed from responsibly sourced solid timber, these quality document frames are made to protect your valuable documents and awards so they can be safely displayed for years to come. 

Ideal for:

Certificate frames are perfect for showcasing your special achievements, such as university testamur or diploma, sporting awards, birth certificate, graduation certificate and many more. Use a certificate frame to display your achievements in your office or workspace and feel proud of how far you have come. 

Certificate frames that come with and acid-free matboard are popular for a more formal and distinctive look for your award. 

Certificate Photo Frames

Acrylic Photo Block Frames

Why we love them:

Profile's range of Newtown acrylic photo block frames are made using the highest quality crystal clear acrylic. There are very versatile and modern frames. The frame transparency enhances the visual appeal of the photo as it allows the photo to be seen from all angles, giving it an almost 3D effect. 

Ideal for:

When using Newtown acrylic photo frames, your photo is sandwiched between two premium acrylic blocks, giving it the appearance of floating within the frame. This floating effect is ideal for modern, contemporary and stylish homes, offices or even commercial spaces. 

These tabletop frames are self-standing and can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, with photos displayed both front and back. 

Acrylic Photo Frames

Signature Veneer Frames

Why we love them:

Our premium collection of Signature veneer timber frames is made from unique wood moulding that is traditionally handcrafted by artisans from Bergamo, Italy. These Italian craftsmen use a meticulous technique, mastered during the Italian Renaissance, called marquetry, which requires incredible patience and precision. 

Each length of the premium Italian timber veneer moulding is then masterfully cut and joined in Australia to create a Signature picture frame. There are different timber veneers available.

Ideal for:

These high-quality and stunning veneer timber frames are perfect as an elegant and precious gift for an anniversary or any special occasion. They are a unique and ideal decorative piece to add into your home. 

Signature Veneer Photo Frames


Shadow Box Frames

Why we love them:

Our range of Brighton Shadow Box Frames are made from unique eco-sustainable frame moulding that is 4cm deep and raises the glass away from the back of the frame. This helps create a dramatic 3D effect for the photo or artwork inside.

The depth of the frame allows for three-dimensional layering to allow for small objects to be displayed and pop against a background image or photo. 

Ideal for:

Additional to photos and artwork, the deep-set shadow box frames also allow you to insert small objects and keepsakes, to encase and preserve. Some examples include wedding keepsakes, baby items, seashells, collectable figurines, travel souvenirs and other mementos.

Shadow Box Picture Frame



Profile Frames Comparison Reference Guide

Frame Type Smallest Size Largest Size Available Finishes
Elegant Timber Frames 4x6in (10x15cm) A2 (42x59cm) Black, White, Natural Oak, Chestnut, Stone Ash, Polar Birch
Decorator Timber Frames 5x7in (13x18cm) 24x36in (61x91cm) Black, White, Natural Oak
Classic Timber Frames A2 (42x59cm) A1 (59x84cm) Black, White, Natural Oak, Chestnut, Stone Ash
Gallery Timber Frames 12x12in (30x30cm) A1 (59x84cm) Natural Oak
Poster Frames A3 (30x42cm) 24x36in (61x91cm) Black, White, Natural Oak, Chestnut, Stone Ash
Collage Frames 8x16in (20x40cm) 20x30in (50x76cm) Black, White, Natural Oak, Chestnut, Stone Ash, Polar Birch
Metal Photo Frames 2.5x3.5in (6x9cm) 8x10in (20x25cm) Black, White, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Champagne, Mirror
Certificate Frames A4 (21x30cm) A3 (30x42cm) Black, White, Natural Oak, Chestnut, Stone Ash, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Walnut, Mahogany
Acrylic Photo Blocks 2.5x3.5in (6x9cm) A4 (21x30cm) Clear Acrylic
Signature Veneer Frames 4x6in (10x15cm) 8x10in (20x25cm) Walnut, Mahogany, Veneer
Shadow Box Frames 6x6in (15x15cm) 8x10in (20x25cm) Black, White, Natural Oak

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