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      Multi-window collage mat boards can elevate your framing to new levels of sophistication by combining multiple photos or artworks into the same frame. This can allow you to showcase your favourite memories and moments from family photos, special occasions and holidays in a unique and stunning way.

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      Imagine the impact of displaying a collage window mat board featuring photos from your wedding day, family beach vacation, or cherished milestones - each image beautifully framed within its own window, creating a striking visual display that captures the essence of those precious memories.

      Additional benefits of collage mats

      In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Profile multi-window mat boards also offer practical benefits for preserving and protecting your artwork. Made from acid-free material, which is buffered to maintain a safer pH balance, these boards can help prevent deterioration and yellowing of your photos and art. 

      Furthermore, mat boards also provide a buffer between the artwork and the glass in the frame, preventing any potential damage caused by moisture or humidity.

      By investing in high-quality acid-free Collage Window Mat Boards, you can ensure that your artwork remains vibrant and intact for years to come.

      Variety of sizes and options available

      When it comes to choosing the perfect window mat board for your collage project, Profile offers a variety of configurations and layouts, designed to fit popular frame sizes. With an array of options to choose from, you can mix and match different sizes and colours to create a unique and personalised collage that tells your story.

      In addition to choosing the perfect colour and configuration of your collage mats, you can also select from our range of high-quality picture frames to complement your piece. Whether you prefer a simple black frame or a natural oak timber frame, Profile has options to suit every taste.

      Collage mat boards offer exciting ways to elevate your picture frames and display your favourite photos in style. With their versatility, and timeless appeal, these multi-window mat boards provide a unique canvas for creativity and expression that will enhance any space they adorn.

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      Precision cut on our Swiss Computerised Matcutter
      Cello-Bag Packaging

      All matboards are individually packaged into resealable cello bags for protection from marking and moisture.

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      Lifetime Guarantee

      We proudly offer a lifetime guarantee on our matboards as we are confident they will stand the test of time.

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