choosing the right picture frame how to frame your photos and art prints

Choosing the Right Picture Frame - How to Frame Your Photos and Art Prints

Question Mark Frame Display

Every picture tells a story. But there’s more to framing a picture than meets that eye...

When it comes to choosing a picture frame, here are some useful tips to get the style and design of your frame just right:


Many people underestimate the size of an image in a picture frame without seeing it first. If ever in doubt, the safer choice is to go bigger! A great framed print or artwork can be like a window, when you can escape and momentarily view another world.

Larger sized frames

Everyone loves a bigger window. Likewise, larger-scale framed prints can also provide that window to the world!

Let it Breathe

When the edges of an image come directly up to the edge of a picture frame, it can almost make some artworks feel constrained or even suffocating.

However, if you can add some white space around the print, such as a matboard, the extra distance between the art and the frame creates an aesthetically pleasing balance and proportion, allowing the viewer to view and appreciate the art comfortably.

Matted Framed Prints

A matboard border also gives your photo or artwork a genuine ‘gallery’ look. If you’re not sure how much space to add, then add more! We all feel more comfortable with more space around us, and so do photos and artworks.

How do I Choose the Right Picture Frame?

The right frame can make all the difference. Many people choose frame designs to match their décor, however, consider how long you want your artwork to hang on the wall. In many cases, this will be years, if not decades. Over the next 10 years, you may find that you change your furniture and décor sooner than you change your picture frames!

Choosing the right frame

If so, you may wish to choose a picture frame style that will be more timeless and classic, rather than something that may be trendier but potentially date over time.

Why choose Quality Australian Custom-Made Frames over Cheaper Imported Frames?

When it comes to price, we all know you get what you pay for at the end of the day.

Some people say that picture framing is expensive. Keep in mind, it is a custom-made piece, just like a tailored dress. However, if you are going to hang something on your wall and look at it every day for the next ten years or more, then it’s relatively not that expensive to get a nice hand-made frame made which is superior to a cheaper, imported frame in every way.

If you compare the cost of a hand-made, Australian-made frame to common decorator furniture items such as curtains, bedspreads etc, then a quality picture frame or photo frame is comparatively not really that expensive. It will also likely last longer before it requires updating or replacement.

Are Picture Frames Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable?

This is definitely a question worth asking when it comes to buying a picture frame. If you're aware of this and care about the environment, then you want to choose a picture frame that you're assured is produced using eco-sustainable timber to respect our environment. If you're not sure, ask the seller.

It's worth noting that all wooden picture frames from Profile Australia are both eco-sustainable and also made in Australia.

Eco Sustainable

If you only want to frame something once, then do it right the first time. A good will quality picture frame or photo frame will last a lifetime and ensure your artwork or memory with bring you joy for years to come.

What are the Standard Frame Sizes for Australia?

The most popular frame sizes are designed to suit common sizes in paper, photos and posters. 

Standard frames for paper are commonly "A" sized frames. For example, A4 frames, A3 frames, A2 frames and A1 frames. You can find these on our popular sizes collection page. 

Standard frames sizes for photos are commonly based on popular print and enlargement sizes. For example, 6x4 inches, 5x7 inches, 6x8 inches, 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches and 16x20 inches. 

Standard poster sizes are commonly found as A1 frames, 60x90cm frames and 50x70cm frames. 

We've created a conversion chart of common standard Australian picture frame sizes which includes a conversion table and visual diagrams so you can see what' frame sizes should be easy to find and what the picture frame measurements should be in either centimeters or inches. 

How do I Create a Frame Gallery Photo Wall Display?

Gallery Wall

When it comes to decorating your walls, don’t just stop at one frame. Create a grouped ‘gallery wall frame display' featuring a curated collection of meaningful images and inspiration that reflect your personality and style.

There are no rules to break here, so go for it – tell your story and transform your walls into your own personal gallery using a variety of picture frames, photo frames and poster frames that suit your taste!

How do I Hang Picture Frames on a Wall?

A final word of advice – some self-adhesive hanging hooks are only as good as their adhesive or at best, the paint they’re stuck to. In many cases, these type of hooks will eventually give in to gravity with a disappointing outcome.

Hanging your frame

When hanging any picture frame or photo frame, where possible use real, mechanical wall hooks and if you are hanging a picture frame larger than A2 in size, then use at least two real wall hooks to firmly and securely support the weight of the frame.

In conclusion, a picture frame is more than just four pieces of wood a piece of glass. When done properly, a picture frame is an essential tool to help enhance any art photo, print or artwork and help bring your stories to life!

Explore Australia's largest range of Picture Frames & Photo Frames from Profile Australia. 

We also offer a great range of pre-made Gallery Wall Frame Sets which come boxed with everything you need to create your own a beautiful wall of memories.

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