Gallery Wall Collage Frame Display

How to Create a Square Frame Collage Photo Wall Display

Creating a Photo Wall Display with Square Photo Frames

Square gallery wall displays are a clever and inspirational idea by photographer Kevin Hail who has created a collage photo frame display using square timber photo frames.

By inserting Instagram photos into square photo frames, Kevin creates a unique look where the photo frames are surrounded by a narrow black border (created using Instagram software) and offset against the white matboard border.

Below is an example of a square gallery wall display that uses an elegant black timber picture frame to display the instagram photos. 

square frame gallery wall

Below is an example of the same concept where the photo frames are surrounded by a narrow white border.

Gallery Frame Set

What Type of Square Picture Frames Can I Use for this Idea?

If you would like to recreate this photo wall collage frame concept in your home, then you can buy photo frames online from Profile Australia.

Our popular range of square wooden photo frames such as our Deluxe Square Black photo frame or Deluxe Square White photo frames are shown below: 

Elegant Deluxe Black Square Photo Frames

Elegant Deluxe White Square Photo Frames

Printing Square Shaped Photos

You can print your square photos at most photo stores, including Harvey Norman and Officeworks. Keep in mind that your square photos can also be enlarged from a standard size of 4x4inch (10x10cm) to a variety of larger sizes up to 10x10inch (20x20cm), which our square photo frame range can accommodate to.

Square Frames

Where Can I Buy the Best Square Photo Frames in Australia?

We suggest buying your square frames online from Profile and ensuring you purchase the same size photo frames to match the examples above. You can also increase or decrease the number of square picture frame rows and columns to suit the photo wall display space you have available. 

For example, Profile offers a convenient range of pre-made Gallery Wall Frame Sets which come boxed with everything you need to create your own beautiful photo wall of memories, such as this similar example below:

Gallery Wall Set

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