Christmas Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Christmas - Christmas Gifts Guide


There is Just Something Magical About Christmas...

Whether it’s spending time with your loved ones, eating delicious food or singing your favourite tunes, the merry of it all is simply contagious.

It’s no secret that every year we find ourselves in the same predicament, whereby finding the perfect gift for our friends and family is a challenge. This can sometimes make the most wonderful time of the year a little, well, less wonderful.

We are all too familiar with hearing Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas” one too many times when shopping in store, or umm-ing and aah-ing over two somewhat identical lipsticks for stocking stuffers.

So, let us help you shop as quickly and stress-free as possible – or even better – have everything delivered straight to your mistle-toed doorstep.

Soaps and Hand Creams

It is no secret that the last couple of years we've been getting used to excessive hand washing and sanitiser galore! With everything we have endured, dry hands are not to be added to the list.

Beautiful soaps and shea butter hand creams are a simple, but much needed stocking stuffer this Christmas. Handmade soaps and hand creams are a small, inexpensive, specialty item. They’re made with care and unique ingredients for a higher level of self-care than what one would expect from a bar of grocery store suds. Yes, it is a practical, usable everyday item, but being handmade, higher quality and unique – it may be something people don’t always buy for themselves very often. Isn’t that the very definition of a perfect gift?

Hand Creams

Frames and Albums

Of course, we are going to tell you that frames and albums are a wonderful gift idea – and of course, you know we are biased. But with all biases aside, let us tell you why…

Firstly, you have the ability to make them as personal as you’d like. From providing photographs of a shared experience or memory of you and the recipient, to an autographed picture of their favourite celebrity or even a rare collection item, you’re gifting not only a memory – but an experience. Alternatively, you can provide quality frames or albums for them to fill as they wish!

One of our favourite Christmas ideas is to use one of our mini frames to create a personalised bauble for a loved one’s Christmas tree. Simply add colourful string or wire to the back of the frame and fill it with a favourite photo. There you have a small, but thoughtful gift that will add a sentimental touch to their Christmas.

Bauble Frame Black
Bauble Frame Gold

 The great things about frames and albums, is that they will last. You’re providing a timeless gift that will outlast this season’s current trends and long after the festive season.

The beautiful thing about this gift idea, is that everyone has memories they cherish – whether frozen in time through photographs or memorabilia. Whether its ticket stubs of a first rugby game, a handwritten note from a favourite teacher or a Christmas photo, each memory deserves to be safeguarded and displayed.

To put simply, to gift a frame or album is to give memories a home.

Photo Albums

We hope this guide brings a little bit of magic into your gift shopping this Festive Season.

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