How to Use Acrylic Photo Display Frames

How to Use Acrylic Photo Display Frames

A Pair of acrylic photo display frames on shelf

Acrylic photo display frames ideal if you want to create a modern, contemporary look. Because they’re frameless, acrylic block frames offer sleekness, sophistication and minimalism.

They also suit all sorts of home colour schemes, so if you’re someone who likes to switch your décor every season, they’ll match no matter how you decorate.

Newtown Acrylic Photo Display Frames from Profile are held together magnetically and also using invisible tape. They can also stand either portrait or landscape and can also display double-sided photos.

We've created a helpful demonstration video below to show you how you can insert photos into an acrylic photo display frame: 

Newtown Acrylic Photo Display Frames look great when grouped together, as their simple style means they coordinate beautifully. Make a display with one large photo in the middle and some smaller pictures surrounding it.

Display of 3 sizes of acrylic photo block frames

Create your own visually stunning displays of multiple sizes to showcase your precious memories with contemporary finesse!

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