3 great reasons to decorate with acrylic photo frames

3 Great Reasons To Decorate With Acrylic Photo Frames


A modern, contemporary, versatile & popular frame

Crystal clear Acrylic Frames are really versatile when decorating a home. So often we focus our attention to bare walls and we try to find the right piece of art to hang but we forget to decorate small tables or fireplace mantles. The small details are the ones that add the final touch and complete the look you are trying to achieve.

With our high quality Newtown acrylic picture frames it really is easy to add life into any room:

1. The focal point is on the picture, not the frame, this really enhances your photos. We recommend collecting some pictures with similar tones and framing them into an acrylic frame to instantly have a decorative piece created through a combination of photos.

Acrylic Frames Set of 7

2. They go well in almost all interiors: any surface is great to place an acrylic frame. As acrylic frames are crystal clear you don't need to worry about choosing a frame that matches your décor.

Acrylic Frames Set of 5

3. They are a perfect gift: Crystal clear acrylic frames have a modern and contemporary vibe. They are perfect for a wedding, engagement and anniversary gift. They are also double-sided so you can put two pictures in one frame.

Acrylic Frame Set of 3

See How Simple Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frames are to use:

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