3 great reasons to decorate with acrylic photo frames

3 Great Reasons to Decorate with Acrylic Photo Blocks

A modern, contemporary, versatile & popular picture frame alternative

Crystal-clear acrylic photo blocks are really versatile when decorating a home. So often we focus our attention to bare walls, and we try to find the right piece of art to hang but we forget to decorate small tables or fireplace mantles. The small details are the ones that add the final touch and complete the look you are trying to achieve.

With our high-quality Newtown acrylic photo frames, it really is easy to add a touch of life into any room. Here are three main benefits of using floating acrylic frames in your home. 

1. The focal point is your picture, not the frame

Acrylic photo blocks are 'frameless' - so they allow your photos to speak for themselves and the thick acrylic really enhances your photos to make them look like they're floating and really stand out.

When using this style of transparent photo display, we recommend 'telling a story' by collecting some pictures and photos with similar tones and inserting them into an acrylic photo display blocks to create a decorative collage display, created through a combination of photos. 

Acrylic photo frames

2. Acrylic photo display blocks work well in almost all interiors

Crafted with precision and available in various sizes, these personalised acrylic blocks will truly elevate your home decor.

Made from clear acrylic, these photo blocks offer a modern and sleek design that effortlessly blends into any interior style. The crystal-clear finish creates a contemporary and sophisticated look, allowing your photos to take center stage. Whether you choose to display family portraits, breathtaking landscapes, or candid snapshots, our acrylic photo blocks will enhance the beauty of your images.

Each block can be customised with your favorite photographs, making them unique and personal. Our range of Newtown acrylic photo blocks also feature a floating design when placed on any surface. This innovative style creates an illusion of the photos floating within the block, adding depth and intrigue to your visual presentation. It is a modern twist on traditional picture frames that is sure to impress guests.

Because clear acrylic photo blocks (also called Perspex photo blocks) are self-standing, any flat surface is great to place an acrylic frame. Because these frameless acrylic photo blocks are crystal clear and colourless, they're neutral so don't have to worry about choosing a frame that matches your décor.

Acrylic photo frames

Showcase multiple photo blocks together for a stunning collage effect or feature individual pieces for maximum impact. The wall-mounted acrylic frame provides versatility in arranging and rearranging your favourite memories while keeping them secure.

3. Acrylic Photo Display Frames Make an Ideal Gift

Not only do these acrylic photo blocks make for a stunning display, but they also serve as a unique and thoughtful gift. Surprise your loved ones with this contemporary home decor accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any room. From weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and holidays, our photo blocks are the perfect personalized gift idea for any occasion.

Crystal-clear acrylic photo frames have a modern and contemporary vibe. They won't clash with any styles of decor, so they can make the perfect gift someone important or some a special occasion.

Perspex photo blocks are also double-sided, so you can put two pictures into one frame! making it easy to change a display in just a few seconds! instantly.

How to use magnetic acrylic photo blocks?

We've created a helpful video on how you can use clear acrylic photo blocks.

See how simple magnetic acrylic photo frames are to use:


In summary, our acrylic photo blocks offer a sleek and modern alternative to traditional picture frames. Showcase your favourite moments with style, elegance, and durability. Create an eye-catching display on your walls or stand-alone on tabletops for an instant conversation starter. Elevate your home decor today with our exquisite Newtown acrylic photo blocks.

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 Acrylic photo frame Acrylic photo frame

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