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10 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Last a Lifetime

"Behind every good kid, is a great Mum!"

It's almost Mother's Day! What a beautiful day to celebrate your Mum. She who gives you unconditional love, who makes a house feel like a home, who teaches you, cherishes you, nourishes you and cares for you. If you're struggling with Mother's Day gift ideas, here are some that will last a lifetime. Let's spoil Mum and make her feel loved this Mother's Day.

What do most Mums want for Mother's Day?

Popular Mother's Day gifts include flowers, personalised jewelry and accessories, luxurious skincare, relaxation home spa gifts, delicious chocolate or sweets. Those are nice ideas that will help your Mum enjoy Mother's Day. However, if you want to give your Mum something special this year, a gift that will last a lifetime will be more meaningful and cherished for the years to come. 

What can I get for Mother's Day instead of flowers?

Aina Casacuberta, the Product Design Manager from Profile Australia says, "We have curated a unique and personalised collection of gift ideas for mum. With a focus towards sentimental items that can be meaningful and really show your Mum how much she is appreciated and what she means to you."

Below, is a list of our Top 10 best meaningful and personalised gifts to surprise and spoil your Mum this Mother's Day.

1. Occasion “Mum” Photo Frame

The perfect gift! This elegant white timber photo frame, made in Australia, features the word "Mum" printed in a silver reflective metallic foil. There are also other words available such as "Grandma", "Family" or "Love". It is a perfect solid wooden picture frame to display your favourite photo with your Mum.

Occasion Photo Frame Mum

2. Timber Collage Photo Frame

Collage photo frames are great when you have many favourite photos of your Mum and can't decide on only one. Multi-opening frames come in many different arrangements and layouts. The collage photo frame features at the image below is a solid wooden picture frame made in Australia using eco-sustainable solid timber. 

Collage Photo Frame

3. Metal Collage Photo Frame

Similar to the concept above, the image below features a multi-opening photo frame which has been carefully hand-made using solid metal and the finest materials to a premium quality finish. This white frame features a subtle rose-gold accent along the inside and outside edge of the photo frame that your Mum will love.

Metal Collage Photo Frame

4. Framed Personalised Message

Another way to show your love and appreciation for your Mum is by framing a personal, handwritten message. This handcrafted frame will elevate your handwritten letter, and is something we are sure your Mum will treasure for ever. Who knows, it might even bring a tear to her eyes!

Timber Frame

The image above features a Piacenza Veneer Picture Frame. This particular frame is from a collection of marquetry veneer timber traditionally handcrafted by Italian artisans in Tuscany.

5. Purse-Sized Mini Photo Album

This stylish pocket leather bragbook is perfect to display all of your photos effortlessly. It can easily be kept in your purse, stored in a drawers or displayed on a shelf. The small pocket-sized photo albums are available in a wide range of colours and are great to carry everywhere in a purse or handbag.

Leather Brag book Photo Album

6. Timeless Metal Photo Frame

Metal photo frames are an ideal way to display your favourite picture with your Mum. At Profile, we have a curated collection of Designer Metal Frames which have been hand-selected by our in-house design team. There is a metal frame for every style and decor, from modern and contemporary to traditional and decorative. The images below feature our popular Bamboo Metal Photo Frame and a 'Love' Red Metal Photo Frame.

Metal Photo Frame Metal Photo Frame

7. Slip-in Photo Albums

A photo album is a timeless gift that never goes out of style. It is a perfect way to showcase memorable moments and preserve them for future generations. Slip in photo albums, also known as photo-pocket albums, are a popular way to display and keep your precious and treasured memories with your Mum. Simply, print your favourite photos and slide the photo inside the photo pocket. Some albums, like the one featured at the image below, include memo space to record a note or a message.

Slip-in Photo Album

8. Drymount Photo Albums

Drymount photo albums, also known as pergamyn albums, feature plain black or white pages where you can create your own layout of photos. Similar to scrapbooking. They are versatile and can be customised to fit any style or preference. For this style of album, you will need use photo mounting accessories such as a adhesive photo splits to mount your photos. All of our dry mount photo albums are made of high-quality materials and are photo-safe to ensure that your treasured memories are protected forever.

Photo Album

9. Luxurious Skincare

Pamper your Mum with this beautiful and luxurious gift set which contains a soap bar, body wash and hand cream. This gift set will wow your Mum! Presented in a beautiful designed packaging and with a exquisite fragrance, your Mum will be delighted having a spa experience, at home.

Body bath soap body bath soap

10. Scented Candles

This collection of natural soy wax scented candles will fill your home with an enchanting atmosphere. These candles are hand made using long lasting fragrances. Give your Mum a relaxing and calm time at home with these natural candles.


Making Memories Last for Mother's Day

In conclusion, making memories last is one of the most meaningful ways to celebrate Mother's Day. Mothers play an essential role in our lives and have always been there to create beautiful memories with us. A thoughtful gift that captures those moments will be cherished for a lifetime.

Celebrating our mothers is an important part of honouring and recognising the hard work they do for us all year round. A sentimental gift for Mother's Day that can last a lifetime is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give your Mum.

Whether it be a photo album, a framed photo, or a special piece of art, any of these gifts will let her know how much she means to you. Not only will she feel special, but it's also something she can keep forever.

Looking for More Inspiration for Mother's Day?

If you are looking for more creative inspiration, visit our Pinterest page and once you are feeling inspired, remember to come back to Profile to purchase your quality photo frames online from us! We offer a lifetime guarantee on all products we sell.

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Authors: This article was written by Jared Davis & Aina Casacuberta 

Jared Davis is a Sales and Marketing Director for Profile Australia and also a published author, writer and educator. 

Aina Casacuberta is a graphic design expert and the Lead Product Designer for Profile Australia. 

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