Photo albums to mix and match portrait and landscape photos

Photo Albums That Mix & Match Both Portrait & Landscape Photos

Which Photo Albums Can Display Both Horizontal and Vertical Photos?

It is important to choose a photo album that is right for you, so we have put together this information below to help you identify which styles of our photo albums allow you to hold both portrait and landscape photos.

All photo albums from Profile Australia are acid-free (photo safe) to protect your precious photos forever.

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1. Slip-in Photo Albums

Also called photo pocket albums. Our exclusive large capacity slip-in albums are able to store 500 photos and are the only albums that allow you to display 3 landscape and 2 portrait photos on one page (see photo below). This type of slip in photo album is available in a several different styles:

  • Havana Photo Albums - These slip-in photo albums feature PHOTOS in a gold foil font on the cover, and are made with a book binding construction, acid-free materials (photo safe) and a CD envelope at the back of the album.
  • Moda Photo Albums - Our Moda Albums feature personalised words with gold foil detail, a book binding construction, acid-free materials (photo safe) and a CD envelope at the rear of the albums.
  • Glamour Photo Albums - Our Glamour photo album collection features the word "PHOTOS" embossed in silver on the front cover, book-bound binding and a PVC dust jacket to protect your album. 
  • Jumbo Black Slip-In Photo Albums - This durable black cloth fabric cover and a traditional book bound spine, providing a safe and elegant home for all your photo memories.
  • Concerto Photo Albums feature a durable, padded vinyl cover with a leather texture and feel, and also a cover window to display a special photo.

Photo Album opened with wedding photos

These larger, 500 capacity photo albums are perfect for collecting and storing photos from major life events, such as weddings and overseas family holidays. The five photo multi-display format will make each page of the photo album look great! 

2. Drymount Photo Albums

Drymount photo albums (also called pergamyn albums, traditional photo albums, rice paper albums) feature high quality acid free 180 gsm pages, with glassine interleaving between each page. This ensures your photographs do not stick from page to page when the photo album is closed.

We recommend our popular Regal Black Drymount Albums which come in a variety of size options. The most suitable size to hold 3 landscape and 2 portrait photos on the one page would be the 300x365mm (see photo below). 

Our classic Regal Drymount Photo Albums come with a stylish, stitched faux leather cover and a traditional, bamboo-ribbed spine. Every album page is made using premium thick 180gsm black paper separated and protected by interleaved, protective glassine (pergamin) overlay pages. This interleaving page is acid-free and protects your photos from sticking together or harming one another.

Each Regal Black Photo Album also comes with a removable hardcase sleeve box to store your album for safe-keeping and a CD/DVD storage envelope at the rear of the photo album.

When buying a drymount photo album, we also recommend our Profile photo mounting adhesives such as photo corners or photo splits (tabs) to quickly and easily mount your photos into your photo album.

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dry mount photo album opened with family photos

3. Self-Adhesive Photo Albums

Another option is our self-adhesive photo albums, also referred to as magnetic page or easy mount albums. The most suitable size to hold 1 landscape and 2 portrait photos would be the 335x325mm. These photo albums are popular for displaying your favorite baby photos, christenings, school photos, family photos and more. 

The main benefit of self-adhesive photo albums is there is no need for photo adhesives as the adhesive on the page keeps your photo in place. Photos can also be re-arranged or exchanged very easily. Our self-adhesive albums are also refillable so you can insert more pages if required.

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self adhesive photo album

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Explore the complete range of photo albums from Profile Australia. Whether you're looking for a wedding album, a baby photo album, a stylish designer photo album, or even specialty album like a large photo albums, we offer a full range of photo albums and accessories in all styles and sizes. 

All photo albums from Profile Australia are acid-free, photo safe and proudly come with a lifetime guarantee! 

Dry Mount photo album with family photos

We hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel from to contact us.

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