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The Best Large Photo Albums to Store 500 Photos

Have you thought about creating a photo album, but worried because you may have too many photos? Perhaps a large photo album that can store up to 500 photos, might be the best solution for you? 

Can You Get Large Photo Albums that can Store up to 500 Photos?

Yes! Large capacity slip-in photo albums have become popular in recent times, especially because people are taking more photos now than ever before, thanks to mobile phones. People are also looking to curate larger collections of images to share they favourite family memories and moments.

What Are the Benefits of Large Capacity Photo Albums? 

1. Store More Photos!

Sometimes you may want to use a photo album that has a higher capacity, so that you can store a larger quantity of photos in the one album, without having to overflow into two or more separate photo albums. 

Large Capacity Photo Album

2. Mix & Match Portrait & Landscape Photos

The jumbo capacity slip-in albums are also the only photo pocket style albums that can allow you to display 3 landscape and 2 portrait photos on one page (see photo below). This format is helpful as you can then showcase photos from the same event or timeframe on the same page of the photo album

Photo Album with horizontal and vertical photos

3. Large Capacity Photo Albums Make Great Family Projects

If you’re spending time at home, and looking for things to do, why not go through your cupboards, drawers and shoeboxes and purchase a quality, acid-free (photo safe) slip-in photo album from Profile and spend some time displaying your treasured memories and special occasions for your friends and families to enjoy for generations to come. You can also get your family and kids involved in creating these photo albums as well. 

Large capacity slip in photo album

4. A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

If you’re looking for the ideal present for a loved one, then a large picture album can be a timeless and sentimental gift that will be cherished for years to come. Create a lifelong connection with your loved one by gifting a photo album that will gather moments that can be shared forever.

Family enjoying a large photo album together

What are the Best Photo Albums to Store Large Photo Collections?

Tye best large capacity photo albums are slip-in photo pocket style photo albums. These can come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Profile offers several different options and styles in large, higher capacity photo albums for presenting up to 500 standard sized photos (4x6 inch or otherwise referred to as 10x15cm).

The Top 8 Best Selling Large Photo Albums

Let's have a look at the top 8 best-selling options available in large photo albums: 

1. Jumbo Black Home Slip-In Photo Album

One of our most popular large capacity albums is our Jumbo Black Home Slip-In Photo Album. Not only does this hold 500 photos, it features a durable black cloth fabric cover and a traditional book bound spine, providing a safe and elegant home for all your photo memories.

Jumbo Fabric Photo Album
Jumbo Home Photo Album with Wedding Photos Laid Out

2. Havana Large Slip-In Photo Albums

Our popular Havana slip-in photo albums feature the word "PHOTOS" in a gold foil font on the cover, and are made with a book binding construction, acid-free materials (photo safe) and a CD envelope at the back of the album.

Havana Photo Albums on Table

3. Moda Large Black Photo Album

Our Large Black Moda Album features personalised words with gold foil detail, a book binding construction, acid-free materials (photo safe) and a CD envelope at the rear of the albums.

    Moda large Black Photo Album

    4. Glamour Large Photo Albums

    Our Glamour photo album collection features the word "PHOTOS" embossed in silver on the front cover, bookbound binding and a PVC dust jacket to protect your album. 

      Glamour Silver Photo Album

      5. Boho Rattan Large Designer Photo Album

      Our Boho Rattan photo album collection features a stylish printed cover with a superior book bound spine, this elegant slip-in photo album will provide a safe home for all your photo memories.

        Boho Rattan Large Photo Album

        6. Concerto Large Black Slip-In Photo Album

        Our Large Black Concerto slip-in photo album features a durable, padded vinyl cover with a leather texture and feel, providing a safe and elegant home for all your photo memories. There is also a 6cm x 8cm window to display a special photo.

          Large Capacity Black Concerto Photo Album

          7. A Collection of Moments Large Slip-In Photo Album

          This timeless large album comes presented in an archival quality, natural woven linen fabric which is lightly textured giving an understated elegant feel. The words printed on the cover and the spine are delicately embossed with a reflective gold foil.

            Collection of Moments Photo Album for 500 photos

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