Living Room Wall Display of Frames

3 Amazing Photo Wall Ideas for your Living Room Wall Space

Are you looking to create a stunning salon styled hang or photo frame collage wall display? One of the most popular ways we can suggest is by personalising your living space with a gallery photo wall frame display. Here are a few outstanding and creative ideas to transform any empty wall into an instant photo gallery! 

1. The Family Tree Photo Wall

This image below shows how to create a warm and personal photo wall art display. A tree has been painted onto the wall, using colours that created real contrast. Then a mix various photo frames are chosen and hung them in a way that made them feel like extensions to the tree branches. Various type of photo frames and picture frames have been used to illustrate the sense of difference. This concept would also work well with the same types of picture frames but a variety of sizes. 

This example below utilises a variety of photo frames from our popular collection of black frames

Gallery Photo Wall Frame Set

2. Family Holiday Memories Photo Wall

You can personalise your space with picture frames filled with photos of special memories from family vacations and holidays. Travel photos sometimes capture the best moments, so relive these special times by incorporating them into a wonderful arrangement of wall frames in a collage. 

This salon hang example below uses our popular Split Symmetry Gallery Photo Wall 10 Frame Set which contains our Elegant 20mm(W) x 20mm(D) solid wooden picture frames, made in Australia using the finest quality of eco-sustainable materials.

Family Holiday Gallery Display Frame Set

3. Special Occasion Memories Photo Wall

Special moments such as weddings, birthday’s, graduations can make wonderful ways to display these important life milestones and events.

This example below shows a range of wedding photos and uses only two different sized photo frames, repeated in an eye-catching pattern to create an aesthetically balanced gallery wall collage.

These photo frames are symmetrically displayed over a couch. However, they could also be placed above a buffet, table or any wall space large enough to fit a photo frame collage display. To enhance the look even further, we suggest furnishing your couch with colours that compliment those in your framed photos.

This salon hang example below uses our Large Gallery Photo Wall 8 Frame Set which contains our Elegant 20mm(W) x 20mm(D) solid wooden picture frames, made in Australia using the finest quality of eco-sustainable materials.

Special Occasion Gallery Display Frame Set

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