Living Room Wall Display of Frames

Photo Frame Ideas for your Living Room Wall Space

Photo Wall

Are you looking to create a photo frame collage wall display? One of the most popular ways we can suggest is by personalising your living space with a gallery wall photo frame display.

The above image shows how to create a warm, interesting and personal photo wall art display. A tree has been painted onto the wall, using colours that created real contrast, Then a mix various photo frames are chosen and hung them in a way that made them feel like extensions to the tree branches. Various type of photo frames and picture frames have been used to illustrate the sense of difference. This concept would also work well with the same types of picture frames but a variety of sizes.

You too can personalise your space with picture frames filled with photos of special occasions such as birthday’s, graduations, early childhood memories, photos of your friends and family. Children’s drawings and letters when they are learning to draw and write also make wonderful additions to a wonderful gallery wall collage.

Memories Wall

Another great photo frame wall display is pictured above. Using the same size wooden photo frames, these frames are symmetrically displayed over a couch. However, they could also be placed above a buffet, table or any wall space large enough to fit a photo frame collage display.
To enhance the look even further, we suggest furnishing your couch with colours that compliment those in your framed photos.
The green pillows compliment the blue tones in the photos, and similarly the zig-zag pillows orange and black colours work really well with the warm earthy colours prevalent in the picture framed photographs.

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Chestnut Gallery Wall Set

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