Items you didn't know you could frame

5 Unexpected Items Perfect for Picture Framing

Do your walls all look the same?

Are you tired of framing ordinary photographs or pictures? Or perhaps you'd like to create an eclectic mix of picture framing projects to display as wall art. We've devised some creative ideas utilizing common and unexpected items you probably didn't think you could use to personalise and transform your space.

'Unexpected items that will transform your space'

1. Country Collections

A framed collection of stamps or postcards add a touch of interest and personality into any room. A framed collage of postcards for instance is a great way of displaying your memories and can also be a great conversation starter when entertaining. Wooden ready made frames with multi window matboards such as timber collage photo frames are an ideal solution for this concept.

Collage Frames

2. Children's Artwork

Most families use the fridge to display children's artwork. Framing your children's paintings and artwork in a A3 frame or A4 frame will make your kid's feel important and valued and is great for their self-esteem. It is also a wonderful way to preserve their precious artworks for many years to come.

Timber Frame

3. Scarves

Scarves are a great way to add patterns and texture into any room. To frame a scarf, you need a picture frame that has a mat board. Simply wrap the scarf around the mat board and tape the edges on the back side. If you purchased a scarf from your travels, or perhaps was a family heirloom, these framed artworks evoke treasured memories.

Box Timber Frame

4. Pressed Botanicals

For those who love DIY projects, collecting botanical leaves or flowers and framing them can be an interesting activity to do alone or with kids. A simple yet sophisticated narrow rounded frame like the image below is a great way to display bright colours and shapes which you can also update every season.

Metal Photo Frame

5. Flags

There are few different ways to approach this. You can frame an old vintage flag, the flag of your country, an interpretation of a flag or a collection of flags from the countries you have visited. Either way, you are adding a statement into any room, such as this elegant black frame in the example below. 

Black Timber Frame

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