Slip In Photo Album

Slip-in Photo Albums to Store 500 photos

Are you looking to buy acid-free photo albums online? We have a large range of quality photo albums that are designed in Australia.

One of our most popular albums is the Jumbo Black Slip-In Photo Album that holds up to 500 standard size photos (4x6 inch or otherwise referred to as 10x15cm).

The design of this album is unique because it allows you to display 3 horizontal (landscape) photos and 2 vertical (portrait) photos on the same page (see below) and this is helpful as you can then showcase photos from the same event or timeframe on the same page of the album.

Slip In Photo Album open with photos displayed

If you’re spending time at home, and looking for things to do (like many customers at the moment) we suggest going through your cupboards, drawers and shoeboxes and purchasing a quality acid free (photo safe) photo album from Profile and displaying your treasured memories and special occasions for your friends and families to enjoy for generations to come.

Thousands of many happy customers love this popular style of displaying your photographs.

Our Glamour photo albums are also able to hold a capacity of 500 6x4in photos as well. The Glamour photo album is available in black, silver, white, red and navy blue. 

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