What photo album will suit your enlargement photos

What Photo Album will Suit My Enlargement Photos?


Most of us who are familiar with photo printing will have printed hundreds (if not thousands) of photos at our local photo retailer. Some of you may not be aware that the actual size and name of this standard size photo print is a 4x6 inch (10x15cm) and finding a photo album to store these photos is easy, as every retailer that sells photo albums will sell this photo size compatible photo album.

However, those of us who choose to enlarge our photos (or have received enlargement photos from friends or family) may face the problem of finding a photo album that suits your enlargement photos. There is also a problem with trying to find a photo album for Polaroid photos as well. 

Any photo print size that is larger than a 4x6 inch is considered an enlargement size photo. The most common enlargement sizes available include:

  • 5x7 inch (13x18cm)
  • 6x8 inch (15x20cm)
  • 8x10 inch (20x25cm)
  • 8x12 inch (20x30cm)
  • 10x13 inch (25x33cm)
  • 11x14 inch (28x35cm)

The help solve this problem, we have three solutions available to you:

  1. Compatible Enlargement Size Slip-in Photo Albums
  2. Drymount Photo Albums
  3. Self-Adhesive Photo Albums (also referred to as Magnetic Page or Easy-Peel)

1. Enlargement Size Slip-in Photo Albums:

There is a number of enlargement size Slip-in photo albums available within our range. They include a 5x7 inch slip-in (also referred to as a photo pocket album) and also a 6x8 inch slip-in photo album, with different photo capacity. Popular examples of a 5x7 slip-in album include our Citi Leather Photo Albums.

Citi Leather Bragbook

2. Drymount Photo Albums:

A Drymount photo album (also referred to as a pergamyn or traditional style photo album) features blank pages with glassine interleaving (sometimes referred to as rice-paper) between each page to separate each page and protect your photos.

Drymount photo albums have an advantage over Slip-in albums in that they allow for flexible mounting and positioning of photos onto the album page. They also allow for multiple enlargement sizes within the same page or album. The maximum photo size will be governed by the usable page area of the photo album. Below is an example of a Drymount album which illustrates in red the usable page area

Drymount pages

Drymount photo albums can also an perfect solution for popular Polaroid photos and other odd shaped photos. 

Profile Australia offers an extensive range of Drymount photo albums available online.

Our most popular Drymount album sizes are:

1. 240x160mm (240mm wide x 160mm in height) - this will hold enlargement sizes such as a 5x7 inch and up to a 6x8 inch. The most popular in this series is our Regal Black Drymount album

2. 300x365mm (300mm wide x 365mm in height) - this will hold enlargement sizes such as 5x7inch, 6x8 inch, 8x10inch, 8x12 inch, 10x13 inch (also referred to as a PixiFoto size) and up to an 11x14 inch photo print. It is also suitable for non-standard enlargement sizes. These pages are large enough to also fit multiple photos onto the same page. Our most popular Drymount album in this size is the Prestige Black Drymount

3. Self-Adhesive Photo Albums (also referred to as Magnetic Page Photo Albums):

Our range of self adhesive photo albums (also referred to as magnetic page, self mount or peel-back photo albums) feature a crystal clear film which easily peels off the page to allow for easy, flexible mounting of your photos, images, tickets and other mementoes.

Simply return the clear film back onto the page and your photos are now ready for viewing. They are also secured in place and protected from dust, scratches and fingerprints

Below is a photo of a self adhesive photo album available for purchase online via our website.


Self-Adhesive Photo Album


The main benefits of a self-adhesive photo album are:

  • your album is refillable so you can insert more pages if required
  • the album pages lay flat for easy viewing or presentation
  • there is no need for photo adhesives such as photo corners or photo splits (tabs) as the adhesive on the page keeps your photo in place
  • they allow you the flexibility to arrange your photos in any format
  • it allows multiple size enlargement photos onto the same page
  • allows horizontal and vertical photos on the same page
  • photo's can be re-arranged or exchanged very easily and it will ensure your treasured memories are protected forever

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