Ways to repurpose old picture frames

Creative Ways to Repurpose and Upcycle Old Picture Frames

If you don't like to throw things away, you most likely have a few photo frames sitting somewhere collecting dust. Well, it is time to find a useful purpose for these items. Here are some inspiring ideas for ways you can use your old photo frames and picture frames.

'It is time to put your old picture frames to good use'

1. Magnetic or Cork Board

Turn an old picture frame to an organisational board. It is an easy, stylish and functional way to organise and display little but important papers.

Magnetic Board
Cork board

2. Chalkboard

Paint the inside of an old picture frame with chalkboard paint and use it for a To Do list, shopping list, inspirational quotes or simply for your kids to play with.


3. Serving Tray or Platter

Simply, place a pretty scrapbook paper into the old picture frame or photo frame and attach some handles to use it as a serving tray. This is a great way to decorate and organise your tabletops.


4. Key Rack

Add a few hooks to your old picture frame and use it as a key rack. An easy and creative way to hang up your keys.



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