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An Italian Tradition

The popular Le Maioliche di Rudy range of products are recognizable for their signature majolica designs, which truly project the style of “Made in Italy”.

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Le Maioliche di Rudy

Luxury Italian Body Care
Rudy Majolica Packaging Design
Hand Painted Majolica

These wonderful designs are exclusively made for Rudy by a decorator who specialised in painting majolica with respect to the long-standing tradition of painting on enameled ceramic tiles. An Italian tradition that harks back to the Italian city of Faenza in the 1600’s, when this finely decorative style of artwork first became popular in southern Italy.

Beautiful Decorations

During this time, Majolica was also used on vases, plates and cups and became objects of great value, used to decorate the most beautiful homes and noble houses of the southern regions.

Adapting the Designs

Each meticulous artwork starts on a ceramic tile which is fired and glazed. Then each ornamental artwork is transposed and adapted onto the packaging design, to become a decorative object of beauty and desire in the home.


Rudy Profumi seeks to use packaging that is not only elegant in both design and function but is also made from PET which is a material that is infinitely recyclable, reusable, and also refillable.

Taormina Hand Wash - Pear and Sandalwood - 500ml from our Liquid Hand & Body Soap collection by Rudy Profumi

Our Mission

To combine both fragrance and beauty into a product that offers a unique and elegant aesthetic. This mission has been handed down from the founders to each generation of the family for over 100 years, which has always characterized the legacy of Rudy Profumi and their range of products.

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