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The Rudy Profumi Story

Rudy was founded in Milan, Italy in 1920 in a small hairdressing boutique. The business was created by the innovative mind of Spiridione Calabrese, who named the company after the Italian heart throb of the time, Rodolfo Valentine, known as “Rudy”, the icon of Italian cinema and beauty.

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During the early years, the business focused towards producing cosmetics (lipsticks, nail varnishes, powders, and hair cream) and fragrances.

In fact, Spiridione Calabrese is known for being the first person to innovate the concept of melting and solidifying lipsticks, into sticks. Before this, lipsticks were applied as
a liquid. This was a major turning point for the cosmetic industry and a resounding success.

In the 1940’s, when Spiridione’s son, Antonio, took over the business, he continued in his father’s creative vein and designed eclectic perfume bottles. Due to their unique elegance, these perfume bottles became renowned as iconic objects of design. In fact, many of them are on display at the Museum of Fragrance in Milan and Chicago.

Rudy Profumi Managment - Calabrese Family

After four generations of family, the business is still family owned and operated under the management and guidance of the Calabrese family. They continue to remain focused on their Italian tradition and legacy for combining both form and function, with their beautiful range of luxury home, body and skin care products.

Rudy Profumi luxury body care and fragranced products are sought and recognised around the globe for their unique aromas and can be found in high end perfumeries, pharmacies, and department stores, where their popular Majolica inspired line of Le Maioliche truly shines.

We invite you to explore this unique and beautiful range of traditional Italian skin care products and indulge in the unforgettable aromas and legacy of Rudy Profumi.

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Le Maioliche di Rudy

Luxury Italian Body Care

The Rudy Profumi Mission

To combine both fragrance and beauty into a product that offers a unique and elegant aesthetic. This mission has been handed down from the founders to each generation of the family for over 100 years, which has always characterized the legacy of Rudy Profumi and their range of products.

Rudy Profumi Packaging Design Majolica Tile Painting


Design & Sustainability

The popular Le Maioliche di Rudy range of products are recognisable for their signature majolica designs, which truly project the style of “Made in Italy”.

Learn about the tradition for making these wonderful designs.

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