A guide to create a perfect baby photo album

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Baby Photo Album


We live in a time where we are constantly taking photos, our camera roll is overloaded with thousands of photos and we are endlessly scrolling picture after picture on social media. Organising and storing your precious memories into a physical photo album will make you feel better than ever.

In fact, there are studies that show that having printed photos strengthen families and have positive benefits for children. But before you spend hours and hours going through your camera roll to select what pictures are worth printing, read our guide on how to build the perfect photo album.

We hope that this guide saves you some time selecting photos and encourages you to have fun in the process.

1. Choose your subject

Every photo album, as any other book, should have a story to tell: a beginning, a middle and an end. The first step when building a photo album is to select your photo album theme. Think about what the album will be about. Some examples could be Christmas holidays, summer vacations, birthday parties, baby first year, etc.


A Collection Of Moments Photo Album Hello Baby Photo Album

2. Choose your photo album

There are many different types of photos albums. For instance, at Profile we offer bragbook photo albums, memo slip-in (photo pocket) photo albums, drymount photo albums (also referred to as pergamyn albums, loose-leaf page albums or photo mountable albums) and more. Deciding what photo album are you going to use will guide you in terms of the number of photos you need and how the photos will be displayed in a page.

Slip In Photo Album Drymount Photo Album

3. Select your photos

At this point you have narrowed down the theme of the photos and the number of photos you need. From this group of photos we recommend that you select photos that are high-quality photos (to avoid pixelated photos) and light photos (as dark photos won't print as well).

4. Build your photo album

This should be the most fun part! Remember, your family photo album should tell a story so you could arrange your photos in a chronological order or perhaps in an aesthetic look. It is important that you do you. Add personalised notes, messages, letters, anything that you think will help tell the story. Play, explore and have fun!

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