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The Best School Photo Albums for Your Child's Photos & Memories

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your child's school photos, ribbons, awards, certificates and other knick-knacks? Well, we have solved this dilemma with our popular Crest School Photo Albums

Crested School Photo Album

These days it can be hard to keep up with the constant stream of material our kid’s bring home from school. It ends up scattered throughout the house, stuffed in draws, the cupboard, a shoe box or worse, thrown out.

A Photo Album for School Memories

Crest School Keepsake Memory Albums from Profile Australia are an easy and convenient way of keeping those precious memories organised and in one place. Photos simply slip into the plastic sleeves, certificates, paintings and letters sit neatly in plastic pouches while media discs or DVD's can have their own special envelopes.

Be it a certificate for citizenship in kindy, a report on that challenging Year 9 Camp, a DVD of the Year 6 Musical or the Year 10 Formal Photos, each treasured moment can now be well organised, stored safely and conveniently accessed.

Crested School Photo Album

Keep in mind, if you have an extra special award, you even may wish to showcase this in a certificate frame to hang on your wall. 

The Value of Preserving Your School Memories

Preserving your school memories through photo albums is a great way to look back and reflect on the good old days. School memories are some of the most cherished moments in our lives, from first day jitters to graduation celebrations. A photo album filled with pictures of friends, teachers, and significant events allows us to reminisce on these moments and hold onto them forever.

Having a school photo album also serves as a reminder of personal growth over time. Looking back at old photos can show how much we have changed and developed throughout the years. It can be inspiring to see how far we have come since our earliest school days.

Photos of School Friends

Furthermore, school photo albums serve as a keepsake that can be passed down for generations. Parents and grandparents often enjoy flipping through their own old yearbooks or class pictures, sharing stories of their own school days with younger family members.

Keeping your own school memories organised in an album ensures that future generations will have something tangible to hold onto and cherish for years to come.

High-Quality School Photo Albums

Our Crest School Years Albums have beautifully bound, stitched leather-style covers and a protective outer case that will look impressive on your bookcase or shelf. The album has 80 large pages made from sturdy clear plastic and acid-free archival paper, designed to hold your photos and paper up to A4 size.

Ensure that the school spirit is kept alive with each student’s memories displayed in an organised and elegant way for your children to cherish forever. 

Crested School Photo Album

How to Organise Your School Photo Album

Organising your School Photo Album can be an easy and enjoyable process. We've put together below some helpful step-by-step instructions how to use this unique style of photo album:

Step 1: insert any photos (4x6") into the photo pocket pagesStep 1: insert any photos (4x6") into the photo pocket pages

Step 2: Insert your Awards and Certificates (A4) into the top-loading clear sheets

Step 2: Insert your Awards and Certificates (A4) into the top-loading clear sheets

Step 3: Mount Sports Ribbons, A5 or other odd size memorabilia into the drymount pages with a photo-safe adhesive:

Step 3: Mount Sports Ribbons, A5 or other odd size memorabilia into the drymount pages with a photo-safe adhesive:

Photo mounting adhesives, such as photo splits, double-sided tape etc. are available to purchase online.

Step 4: Store Media like CD's, DVD's and USB sticks in the envelopes

Step 4: Store Media like CD's, DVD's and USB sticks in the envelopes

Helpful Tips for Sorting Your Photos in Your School Album

The first step of sorting through all of your photos is deciding which ones you want to include in your album. You may have too many photos to fit in one album, so choose the best ones that represent each year.

Next, label each photo with the date, event and names of people featured in it. This will help you easily identify the photos when looking back at them.

The next consideration is to decide how you want to sort your photos to be displayed within the album. You could organise them chronologically by year or event or group them by class or friendship groups. 

Lastly, personalise your album with decorations such as stickers, washi tape and captions that describe each photo’s significance. Remember that this is a fun process so enjoy every moment of organising your school photo album!

School years sports achievement memories

Remember Your School Years with a School Photo Album

In conclusion, creating a school photo album is a great way to preserve and cherish memories from your school years. The photos can capture moments that you may have forgotten about or never even realised were significant at the time. Looking back at your school photo album can bring back feelings of nostalgia and remind you of the friendships, experiences, and achievements that shaped who you are today.

Having a physical copy of your memories is always better than relying on digital copies that might get lost or forgotten over time. A school photo album can also be passed down to future generations in your family as a visual representation of your educational journey. So whether it's for yourself or as a gift for someone else, consider putting together a school photo album that highlights all the special moments from those formative years.\

Photo Memories of School Friends

Shop Crest School Photo Albums Online

Profile's exclusive range of Crest high school photo albums are available for purchase online from Profile Australia.

If you're interested in buying these school photo albums in bulk quantities (36+) then please contact us for a quote to supply your school or daycare facility.

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