30 Best Baby Shower Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime (2024 edition)

30 Best Baby Shower Gifts That Will Last a Lifetime (2024 edition)

Finding the perfect gift for a baby shower can feel like a daunting task. With so many choices available, it's difficult to know what items would be best for celebrating the new arrival. Luckily, you don't have to feel overwhelmed. This article has compiled some of the best baby shower gift ideas to make your shopping experience easier when shopping for baby gifts in Australia.

What is the Best Gift for a Baby Shower?

Baby showers and gender reveal parties are a popular Australian tradition to celebrate a Mum-to-be. This occasion is also an opportunity to share your love with gift giving. 

Generally speaking, baby shower gifts are for the unborn baby. Many people tend to give practical gifts such as nappies, wipes, baby blankets, or baby clothes. While these gifts can be very practical and useful, we would suggest choosing a gift that can be more meaningful to the newborn, the mum-to-be or both the baby's parents. It's also not that difficult to provide a thoughtful gift. 

Jared Davis, the Marketing Director from Profile Australia says, "When it comes to gifting for a baby shower, presents like baby clothes, bibs or toys only last a short time. However, a more personalised gift that represents a special moment or memory, can genuinely last a lifetime. For example, photo frames and baby photo albums are ideal for this and can be a thoughtful way to share your love and excitement with the Mum-to-be."

Baby Gifts

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas to Stand the Test of Time

Having a baby is one of the most important events of a lifetime. For expecting parents, this is a special moment that will be cherished forever. A great way to commemorate this special time is with photos. 

"Whether you're looking for inexpensive baby shower gifts, unique baby shower gifts or luxury baby shower gifts, our team and I have curated a unique collection of baby gifts, which are designed to help parents-to-be keep record of all the special early moments with the baby." says Aina Casacuberta, the Product Design Manager from Profile Australia.

When you are looking for a special baby shower gift for a mum who has everything or a second-time mum, then personalised gifts that focus on memories can definitely make a lasting impression.

We have created below an assortment of baby gift ideas for baby and mum-to-be, which includes customised photo frames, beautiful baby photo albums and lifelong keepsakes so that your special memories can last forever. 

Baby with Mum

1. "Hello Baby" Photo Album

This is a beautiful modern-classic photo album that comes in two different colours; navy and pink. This album is a practical and inexpensive baby shower gift that features a natural woven linen fabric which is lightly textured, and the cover has the words "Hello Baby" delicately embossed with a reflective gold foil, giving an understated elegant feel. This photo album is also the type of gift that will last a lifetime! 

 Baby Photo Album

2. Baby Pram Photo Album

This timeless and minimalistic photo album is available in a soft baby pink and a soft baby blue colour. This unique album features a padded cover decorated with a lovely, embroidered fabric baby pram emblem. The perfect gift for a newborn!

Baby Photo Album

3. The Story of You Candy Photo Album

This is a contemporary and chic photo album design is inspired by cotton candy, that all babies love. It features a printed cover with the words "The Story of You" delicately embossed with a reflective gold foil. This is a precious photo album presented in different colours and sizes, with high attention to detail.

Baby Photo Album

4. Baby Bear Photo Album

This timeless and sophisticated photo album comes presented in a padded cover which is decorated with embellished silver foil and a cute silver Teddy Bear emblem. The word, "Memories" is also embossed with a reflective silver foil. This adorable photo album is the perfect gender-neutral baby shower gift and also comes with an additional box. Ideal for a gender reveal party gift, this album is truly a beautiful present to store baby memories forever.

Baby Photo Album

5. A Collection of Moments Photo Album

This is a modern-classic photo album presented in a natural woven linen fabric which is lightly textured. This is a timeless colour that naturally fits into any home decor. It features the words "A Collection of Moments" delicately embossed with a reflective gold foil on the cover and the spine. This luxury baby show gift is the perfect album to start collecting memories of the new born baby.

Baby Photo Album

6. The Story of You Photo Album

This is a timeless photo album that everyone loves and is another ideal gender-neutral baby show gift. Presented in an off-white woven linen fabric which is lightly textured and the words "The Story of You" embossed with a reflective gold foil on the cover and the spine which give an elegant and sophisticated feel. This luxury baby photo album also comes with an additional box, ready for gifting!

Baby Photo Album

7. My Little Love Photo Album

Similar to the photo album above, this classic baby photo album also features an off-white woven linen fabric which is lightly textures with the words "My Little Love" embossed with a reflective gold foil. It also comes with a gift box which is the perfect baby gift for an expecting mum to cherish her treasured memories forever.

Baby Photo Albums 

8. Display Photo Album 'Moments'

This is a coffee-table style book photo album, that is designed to be displayed. Covered in textured linen fabric, this photo album comes housed in a protective box cover which is kept closed using hidden magnets. With a modern design, this album features a dark navy, almost black, fine linen fabric with the words embossed with a gold foil. This is a new concept of a luxury photo album that a modern family will enjoy for years to come.

Baby Photo Album

9. Display Photo Album 'The Story of You'

Much like the concept described above, this coffee-table style book photo album is also designed to be displayed as a decorative item. The interesting thing about this style of photo album, is that features a snap-ring binding to hold the removable and replaceable pages which allows you to mix and match and customise your album. In this case, the album is presented in a natural cloth linen cover with the words embossed with a gold foil. The perfect album for someone who is looking for a stylish, DIY baby shower gift, without compromising quality and design.

Baby Photo Album

10. Citi Leather Bragbook

This stylish range of compact pocket photo albums feature a leather cover and a matching elastic strap to keep the album closed, suitable to store photos or prints in an elegant and compact way. This range of small, pocket-seized photo albums comes in a wide variety of colours including blue, pink, green, yellow and many more. They are easy to fit in your handbag, drawers, desk or coffee table. These can be a very affordable and meaningful gift for a baby shower!

Baby Photo Album

11. Baby Keepsake Box

A keepsake box can be a beautiful way to store precious and treasured items such as mementos, memorabilia and other special remembrances of your little one. For example, baby's first booties, a headband, baby's first dummy and more. This timeless but practical baby shower gift is made of a smooth matte white eco-sustainable timber. The lid on the keepsake box features a window to display your favourite photo and the word "baby" in reflective silver foil. A keepsake box is also a clever baby shower gift as it can be ideal to help store other heartfelt baby gifts as well! 


12. Occasion Baby Photo Frame

This occasion photo frame makes a splendid gift for any baby. It is an elegant minimal white solid wooden picture frame made of the finest eco-sustainable materials. This eco-friendly baby shower gift frame accommodates a standard size photo and it features the word "Baby" printed in a silver reflective metallic foil. Other words such as "Baptism", "Godparents", "Mum", "Love", among others, are also available to celebrate different occasions as well. 

Baby Photo Frame

13. Baby Ultrasound Collage Frame

If you're looking for the ideal personalised baby shower gift, then this baby ultrasound collage frame is sure to please. Specifically designed to display ultrasound photos, this mini collage photo frame is a superb baby shower gift for any expectant parents. Possibly the first photo frame to add into a nursery room and a great way to showcase and preserve your baby's ultrasound images. 

Baby Photo Frame

14. My First Year Metal Frame

This classic yet modern metal frame makes an ideal gift for baby showers and new parents. This perfect baby frame features 13 windows, allowing you to beautifully display a month-by-month photo of your baby's first year. A stunning cute frame to celebrate and cherish every precious moment of your little baby one's first year. The frame is available in silver, baby pink and baby blue.

My First Year Baby Frame


15. Timber Baby Poster Picture Frame

If you are looking for a baby shower gift to make big statement, a poster frame won't disappoint. In particular, this solid wooden picture frame is made in Australia using the finest quality eco-sustainable timber. This eco-friendly baby shower gift frame features an acid-free matboard to provide harmony and balance to the picture and a lifetime guarantee. Available in white, black and natural finishes is popular sizes from A4 up to A1. 

Baby Poster Photo Frame

16. Multi Window Collage Photo Frame

A multi window collage photo frame can be a great way to display multiple photos to create a unique story. They can also add a fun and casual look to any space. The picture below features a decorator style collage picture frame with a triple window opening. But there are dozens of other multi-window collage arrangements available to suit any arrangement or style. 

Baby Collage Photo Frame

17. Insta Square Collage Photo Frame

Following the concept above, this unique square collage photo frame is designed to hold a collection of square images what makes it ideal to bring your favourite collection of baby Instagram photos to life. A fun frame to bring your Instagram feed, off your phone and into your home!

Baby Collage Photo Frame

18. Habitat Collage Metal Frame

Similar to the collage metal frame listed above, the image below features a hinged, double photo metal frame. This elegant, narrow, rounded edge metal frame is made of two frames hinged together. There are also other arrangements and colours available. It is a cute little photo frame, excellent as a baby shower gift to remember. 


Baby Photo Frame


19. Eternal Collage Metal Frame

There are also multi-photo collage metal frames available like the one featured in the image below. This metal photo frame is made of three metal frames held together in a rigid display format to create an interesting eye-catching photo arrangement. Different arrangement and colour combinations are also available. A timeless way to display those favourite baby photos. 

Baby Photo Frame

20. Acrylic Photo Frame

Acrylic photo frames are modern, contemporary and easy to style. This acrylic photo frame is one of the most popular types of frames in the market. It features two crystal clear acrylic frames held together by magnets. These magnetic, solid Perspex photo block frames can stand either landscape or portrait. You can also arrange several acrylic frames of different sizes together to create a mini display frame set for a desk, shelf or table. Great for creating a mixed arrangement of baby and family photos, and a great baby shower gift for modern parents. 

Baby Photo Frame

21. Signature Timber Veneer Photo Frame

This premium collection of classic photo frames is special, because they are made of wood veneer and traditionally handcrafted by Italian artisans using an inlay method called marquetry which requires incredible patience and precision. In particular, the photo frame featured in the image below features a unique herringbone pattern of soft pink, rose coloured woods. Just perfect for this photo of Mum and baby together. 

Baby Photo Frame

22. Eternal Metal Photo Frame

This popular collection of timeless, solid metal photo frames can be transformed into a unique baby shower gift, with any baby photo. The frame features a subtle accent of polished metal trim along the inside and outside edge of the frame what give it a sophisticated and classic look. These frames come delicately wrapped in a soft tissue paper and packaged in a branded box, perfect to wrap as a baby shower gift. 

Metal Frame

23. Habitat Metal Frame

If you are looking for a timeless metal photo frame to compliment baby photos and to suit any style and decor, this frame is it. This range of sophisticated, elegant, narrow, rounded edge photo frames are also suitable to mix and match, allowing you to create interesting photo displays for showcasing your baby memories. They also come beautifully packaged in a giftbox. Buy more than one, in different sizes, to create a collage arrangement of family photos. 

Baby Photo Frame

24. Bamboo Metal Frame

This is a vintage, mid-century style photo frame that features a lustrous silver-plated mirror finish in an elegant narrow edge design with a bamboo pattern. Carefully hand-made using heavy gauge metal and the fines materials to a premium quality finish. This bamboo metal photo frame is a perfect addition to any modern nursery and makes a stylish baby shower gift. Also available in white or rose gold.

Baby Photo Frame

25. Glitterazi Metallic Photo Frame

This fun, dazzling metal frame is perfect to add some sparkle into a kid's room. This small, eye-catching photo frame features a dazzling sequined-style finish across the face of the metal frame. It is carefully hand-made using premium quality materials. A fun and memorable baby shower gift to make a statement!

Baby Photo Frame

26. Matrix Metal Frame

This is an interesting metal frame adorned with a textured, beaded pattern which has been delicately embossed across the face of the silver-plated photo frame. This premium quality metal frame has been made using the finest materials such as heavy gauge metal. Ideal to display your baby's memories and add texture to the room.   

Matrix Metal Frame

27. Photo Cube

With a sleek design and modern look, this photo cube makes a great and inexpensive baby shower gift! It is a very attractive and playful, DIY way to display your favourite memories with your baby. You can customise each side of the cube with a photo of your choice making an attractive 3D display of baby photos. Even buy more than one photo cube to create a personalised collage display of baby photos to enjoy!

Baby Cube Photo Frame

28. Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frame

Fridge magnet display frames are an excellent and inexpensive baby shower gift for expecting mums, family and friends. This magnetic photo frame has a shatterproof acrylic construction and a strong magnet backing which makes it a durable frame to show off your memories for the years to come.

Magnetic Photo Frame

29. Acrylic Baby Photo Keyring

This beautiful and durable acrylic photo keyring can be a unique and personalised baby shower gift. It can display two favourite baby photos and is perfect to keep in a pocket or handbag. It's a miniature gift, packed with a lot of meaning! 


30. Shadow Box Frame

A shadow box frame is a creative baby shower gift idea and great way to display baby's very first memories. For example, baby's first ultrasound picture, the going-home outfit or the first picture of baby just after birth. Scrapbooks are easy to DIY and can make a perfect complement to any nursery room. A display box frame is the cutest way to display meaningful details and heartfelt keepsakes from the first day baby was born. 


31. Wonderful Animals Soaps

This collection of soaps from The English Soap Company is specially curated especially for infants and children. With these beautifully illustrated, plastic free wraps, you are guaranteed to smile. These soaps are made in the UK, vegan friendly, cruelty free and plastic free. Enriched with shea butter to nourish and moisturise the skin, these make a fun little gift for a baby shower.

Baby Soaps


Unique Baby Shower Gifts That Will Be Treasured for Years to Come

Gender reveal parties and baby showers are a wonderful opportunity to not only celebrate the soon-to-be parents but also to provide them with gifts that will mark the start of their journey of parenthood. The perfect baby shower gift doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but rather something thoughtful and meaningful.

When it comes to finding a unique baby shower gift, there are many options to choose from, but one gift that is always appreciated is a personalised photo album or photo frame. Not only can these provide a way for new parents to showcase and preserve memories of their little one, but they also make for a thoughtful and unique gift that can be treasured for years to come.

Quality is Important for Lasting Memories

When choosing a personalised photo frame or photo album as a baby shower gift, it's important to consider the quality and durability of the product. Look for frames and albums that are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the test of time, so that the new parents can enjoy them for years to come.

All photo frames and photo albums from Profile Australia come with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, Australia's a big country to send parcels around, so be sure to order your gift well in advance of the baby shower to ensure that it arrives on time.

In conclusion, personalised photo gifts such as albums and frames make for a unique and thoughtful baby shower gift that new parents are sure to appreciate.

With so many styles and designs to choose from, you can find the ultimate gift to match the new parents' style and preferences. By choosing a unique and personalised baby gift, you can create a lasting memory that will be cherished for years to come.

Shop Australia's Best Personalised Baby Shower Gifts with Meaning

If you're looking for a unique baby shower gift that will stand out and be treasured for years to come, explore Australia's best collection of baby shower gift ideas from Profile Australia.

We have a wide range of baby gifts, from photo frames, to photo albums and more, that can also be personalised to suit. Collect moments and relive memories for years to come. 

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Authors: This article was written by Jared Davis & Aina Casacuberta.

Jared Davis is a Sales and Marketing Director for Profile Australia and also published author, writer and educator.

Aina Casacuberta is a design expert and the Lead Product Designer for Profile Australia. 

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