Photo Frames for Photo Booth Images

The Best Photo Albums for Photo Booth Photo Strips

A popular trend at functions, parties, formals, events, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations is hiring a photo booth. There are hundreds of companies who have them for hire and they all look slightly different. The constant among them all is that after having your photographs taken, the booth machine will print out a photo strip.

People inside a photobooth taking a photo

The more enthusiastic or excitable among us end up with many photos, which are wonderful memories of the event and keepsakes for the special celebration you attended. This creates a dilemma where most people do not have anywhere to store or display these special memories.

Photobooth Photo Strips

What's the Best Way to Store and Mount Photo Booth Picture Strips

We suggest mounting and displaying your photo booth picture strips in a photobooth drymount photo album.

Drymount photo albums have blank pages that do not have any adhesive or pockets. By having blank pages, these drymount photo strip albums give you the flexibility to mount your photographs in many different layouts or combinations and can change on a page-by-page basis. As there is usually space around the image, you can also write messages, notes or record other important information, as seen in the image below.

Drymount Photo Album

The example above is a Regal Black Drymount Photo Album which is available for purchase online via our website in a range of sizes. We suggest the 240mm x 290mm size (80 pages) which allows for multiple photo booth pictures per page with sufficient space for a message.

These style of photo albums are also suitable for other odd-shaped photos as well, such as polariod photos. 

What Styles of Photo Albums can you Get for Photo Strips?

There are plenty of different styles of photo albums with drymount pages, suitable for mounting picture strips. 

Profile offers a wide variety of different styles of dry mount photo booth albums online to suit any preference and taste. For example, if you're looking for something contemporary and stylish, then our new Display Photo Albums are an ideal concept, which is easy to use. 

Photo Album Display Moments.jpg

Alternatively, if you would prefer something more traditional then our popular Glamour Black Drymount Album is ideal as family heirloom that can last a lifetime.

Glamour Dry Mount Photo Albums

How do you Mount Photo Strips in a Drymount Album?

You can also find other photo mounting accessories available on our website with demo videos on how to use them. These solutions include photo splits and magic dots. However, the easiest and fastest way to mount your photos is to use a convenient, photo-safe tape-runner. Below is a demo video of how to use a tape runner.

In conclusion, adding a photo booth to any event can make it more memorable and fun. Photo booth photos are a great way for guests to capture the moment and remember their time at the event for years to come. With a few supplies and instructions, creating a photo album of those precious memories is an easy and inexpensive task. Furthermore, it's one that will bring back fond memories whenever the album is opened and looked through.

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