Greenery decor tips and ideas

Greenery Decor Tips and Ideas

Green is a refreshing and sophisticated colour that has become really popular during the past few years due to its association with nature. Incorporating hues of green into your home can bring a soothing, calm and relax atmosphere.

Below we've put together some expert design tips on how to decorate your home using green tones and hues.

1. Use Plants 

The easy and obvious way to bring greenery into your home is by adding indoor plants. You can add either real or artificial plants into any room which will bring a real natural and outdoor vibe. Also, as you can see in the images below, you can use photo frames with photos that have been taken in nature to further emphasise the outdoor vibes. 

Metal Frame

This image features our Habitat Black Metal Photo Frame

Metal Photo Frame

This image features our Fiori Silver Metal Photo Frame

2. Play with Small Details

Start with incorporating small accents of greenery like pillows, blankets, cushions, or other small décor items like photo frames. Natural timber photo frames or refined, sophisticated, narrow metal photo frames work well for this style for decorating and are inexpensive and personalised. 

Metal Frames

This image features our Habitat Silver Metal Photo Frame

Metal frames


3. Make a Statement

Go bold. Use wallpapers or rugs with a greenery pattern. Decorate your walls with greenery prints in picture frames, such as palm tree decorator art prints. Or incorporate deep rich green furniture like a couch or chairs. A gallery photo wall frame display like this can also set the tone. Consider a mixed photo wall arrangement of your favorite family photos or framed Aussie travel photos in an aesthetic display of bold black frames like this image below. Natural oak timber frames can also work well with green too. 

Gallery Wall Frame Set

This image features our Black Gallery Wall Frame Set F (10 frames)

4. Transterior Design

Transterior is 'bringing the outside in'. Bring the beauty of greenery and nature into your home with a set of palm tree art prints like the below which combines natural and white timber framed decorator wall artVictorian Ash picture frames or Native Australian oak frames can also work really well for this type of style.

Greenery Art Prints

If you want to get more inspired by this popular trend, have a look at our Pinterest Greenery Home Decor board where we have selection of amazing interior / décor design photos.

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