How to decorate with earth tones and bring nature into your home

4 Ways to Decorate with Earth Tones and Bring Nature into your Home


Earth tones are so popular nowadays because help us connect to nature. We all live in a time where we spend so many hours in front of a screen, sitting in a chair, busy from one task to another, that we forget to ground ourselves. Earth tones come from nature - brown, ochre, taupe, beige, cream and terracotta are the most popular.

These earth-based neutral colours are calming, relaxing and make any space feel homey. They help us recharge and reground ourselves.

Earth tones are very versatile, they go well with any décor style and they are a good complement to any material. Below are different ways which you can incorporate earth tones into your space.

1. Furniture

Because earth tones feel relax and calm, they are a great choice for a living room or kitchen. A wooden table, rattan chair or rich brown sofa could be some examples. Framed artwork on the walls in natural timber frames such as raw oak, teak and walnut frames can also provide the perfect accent. 

Linear Art Framed Print

2. Go All-In:

Choose light or mid Earth tones as a main colour, for example, beige walls, cream rugs, or timber flooring. Once again use large scaled framed artwork in natural timber picture frames to highlight this theme. 

Framed Print

3. Accessorise to Enhance

Use rich brown, terracotta or taupe tones for cushions, bedding, lamps, small natural timber photo frames, natural timber picture shelves are also popular for displaying your homewares and framed memories.

Natural Timber Accessories


Picture Rail Shelf Display

 4. Twist the look

Because earthy tones are so versatile they go well with any interior trend. If you are looking for a fresh and airy look incorporate some greenery. Alternatively if you are looking for a modern and timeless look, incorporate some gold accessories, such as gold picture frames. The options are endless, use your imagination and have fun!

Earth tone furniture


Mirror Display


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