Creative ways to fill a picture frame

5 Creative Ways To Fill A Picture Frame & Style Your Space


Decorating with picture frames is an intuitive and easy thing to do, but most of us fall into the habit of only framing photos, pictures or paintings. This is normal, after all pictures go into picture frames, however, in this post we encourage you to think outside the square.

Below are some creative ways to personalise and transform your space using picture frames. You can go as big as you want: from a mini photo frame display makeover to a whole gallery wall of picture frames.

Alternative ways to fill a photo frame

1. Maps

A map on a wall is common, but a framed map in a dark stained timber picture frame adds timeless character to a gallery wall. Using ancient or historical maps brings you to a legendary and fantasy world while using modern or contemporary maps brings a sense of exploration and adventure.

Timber Photo Frame

2. Vintage Advertisements or Magazines Covers

Old advertisements and magazines incorporate professional photography, design and lettering in one piece. A gallery display wall of framed vintage ads or a magazine cover inside a picture frame can elevate any wall, making it exclusive and iconic.

Poster Frame

3. Dried Flowers

Flowers bring life into any room. Dried flowers in a classic picture frame can be a suitable way to preserve a beautiful flower that might hold a sentimental value therefore it transports you to a particular place and time, evoking special memories. 

White Timber Photo Frame

4. Quote or Letters

Inspirational quotes are a great way to keep yourself inspired and motivated. These are ideal to print and display in a beautiful natural timber picture frame so they can be a constant daily uplifting reminder. Letters from a loved one are a great way to cherish a forgotten yet sentimental memory. Quotes and letters add a positive vibe into any room.

Timber Photo Frame

5. Decorative Wall Paper or Wrapping Paper

Decorative paper placed inside a timber frame can be an affordable and fun way to decorate any room. You can go wild by choosing a pattern that can make a statement and becomes the centre of attention, or you can go for a more stylish option by choosing a pattern that blends with the wall. You can even use affordable ready made frames or photo frames for this idea too. 

Timber Photo Frame

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