How art influences the room and people

How Art Influences the Room and People


Art is a form of energy and when place in a room it transforms the space. Decorative framed art can bring all elements of a space together or separate them apart, it can make a space look larger or busier, it can make a space feel warmer or cooler, it can bring harmony or melancholia.

Art is a form of expression and when viewed it influences people. There are studies that indicate that spending a few minutes contemplating art that resonates with you impacts the pleasure centers of the brain.

Decorator framed wall art in your home can make you feel relax, calm and balanced as well as energised, inspired or melancholic.

In simple words,

Art transforms the space and influences people

As you know now, decorative framed wall art is a key element to help you define how you want to feel in a particular space. Through colour, texture and dimensions art has the power to transform our lives.

Tips to choose the right art for your space:

1. Colours

When it come to decorator wall art in a setting, the first thing that they eye will see is colour. Colder colours such as whites and blues provide stability and mindfulness. Warmer colours such as yellows, oranges or reds provide a boost of energy and creativity. Nature colours such as greens provide balance and tranquility. Earth tones such as brown, cream or beige provide a sense of security and safety. Natural timber picture frames can also add to these earth tones.

Framed Prints Framed Prints

2. Style

Framed artwork and prints featuring nature such as landscapes, water or trees help de-stress and recharge. Abstract framed artworks help increase creativity and imagination. Straight lines bring structure and tranquility while curves bring fluidity and harmony. Simple or minimal framed artworks can provide relaxation and order while complex or clutter art provide busyness and distraction.

Framed Prints Framed Prints


3. Space

Large framed wall art pieces can provide proportion and scale into a room while providing a focal point. Symmetric decorative framed wall art galleries create a relax and soothing environment. Asymmetrical framed wall art galleries enhance movement and freshness. A vibrant piece of wall art will most likely create a bold statement while a softer piece will probably add sophistication.

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